You might already have experienced what we do, without ever realising. Clean water when you turn on the tap. Quiet plumbing that goes unnoticed in high-rise buildings. Innovative solutions that actively reduce the spread of deadly bacteria in hospitals. Nutritious crops growing in healthy soil. Safe treatment for industrial waste.

Across building, infrastructure, industry and agriculture, we create pipes and fittings solutions for water and energy management. For every sector, we anticipate what’s next and support our customers’ success in an ever-changing landscape.

Scale and strength

Our range and breadth of solutions is always evolving, as we identify future needs, share ideas across our growing group of businesses and work in close partnership with our customers and larger ecosystem.


Top three position in 80% of our markets


Supporting customers in 100+ countries

Collaborating for faster results

The solutions to climate change and the water crisis are within our grasp. But we can only capture them if we join forces, notably with our customers, to bring together different perspectives, skills, insights and know-how.

“We work closely with Aliaxis FIP teams due to their strong know-how and their ability to be ahead of the game, thinking about our next need well before us. In the swimming pool sector, the reliability of our suppliers and the custom-made solutions they develop are key. We are already working together for the next big steps in 2024 and certainly beyond!”

Roberto Colletto
CEO A&T Europe

“IPEX is the industry leader in the municipal pipe market. Their consistent and transparent communication has built a foundation of trust between our teams and has helped EMCO to act quickly on our strategic priorities. The IPEX-EMCO partnership is unparalleled; my success is directly tied to IPEX’s.”

Sean Parker
EMCO Waterworks

Where you’ll find us

We play our part wherever we’re needed. From huge infrastructure projects right through to stylish, sustainable kitchen and bathroom products, our diverse solutions and global team of experts help our customers make the most of their resources.


Housing shortages and growing populations mean there’s a pressing need to build more, more sustainably. Our sanitary, plumbing and building systems not only support swift, safe construction, but reduce water consumption once buildings are in use.

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Keeping infrastructure fit for purpose can be a huge challenge, but the right solutions can significantly reduce the risk of leaks and waste. Our global presence gives us the knowledge and experience to support large-scale projects, including international waterways, gas networks, and power and telecoms cabling.

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It’s never been more important for industry to manage resources responsibly. Sustainable practices are high on every agenda. Our piping and fittings solutions are cost-effective, low-maintenance and proven to last, even in the most challenging environments.

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The majority of water resources are used to grow food, so climate change and increasing populations are bringing huge challenges for agriculture. By providing smart solutions to manage water supplies efficiently and effectively, we help farmers use water wisely for both their crops and their livestock.

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