Our approach to innovation

We are committed to serving our customers with the innovative solutions they need

Our proud history of innovation stretches back for decades.

Today, we’re getting new solutions to market faster than ever before by collaborating and co-creating with customers.

We are customer-centric

Customer centricity is pivotal to our innovation efforts. By putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers we get to understand the different challenges they face in their local markets, and across the sectors they work in.

We work closely with our customers in various sectors to co-create solutions, so that we can help them meet the ever-changing needs of a society facing dual water and climate crises, for example: solutions to tackle stormwater.

We’re actively fostering open innovation and collaboration with external partners through various initiatives. One example is the 50L Home coalition, which we joined in 2023, supporting the aspiration to reduce individual water use from a European average of 150 litres a day, to just 50 litres.

We leverage our research network

Our Global Research hubs, located in France, India, and Canada, play a vital role in collaborating with customers to create new ideas.

Emphasizing the importance of sharing ideas and resources across global markets, we continue to strengthen our collaborative efforts to drive innovation forward.


Our Paris research hub, focusing on the creation of water solutions, has relocated to new premises with extra space to work with customers through co-creation.


Our team at our Bengaluru research hub, specialising in digitalisation and advanced engineering, continues to grow, now comprising of over 60 highly skilled young scientists with an average age of 29 years, a quarter of whom are women.


Our Toronto research hub, where we concentrate on materials know-how, is set to move to a new, much bigger and more capable centre in 2024.

We are bringing new solutions to market faster

Our strategic goal is to earn 10% of revenue from new products that are less than five years old by 2025. We are well on the way to achieving that target, with achievements in getting new products to market faster.

As examples, in recent years we brought to market the following:

  • Bio-attributed PVC in wastewater evacuation systems
  • Drain water heat recovery units, to help reduce people’s energy consumption
  • A new check valve developed in response to stringent new French regulations on preventing water contamination in hospitals and other sensitive buildings
  • An extended range of TerraBrute® corrosion-resistant pipes from IPEX in North America, including an industry-first 24” diameter pipe, which means complete drinking water and sewerage systems can now be built in corrosion resistant PVC, making networks more resilient
  • A tech-enabled compact wastewater treatment plant and anti-microbial pipes using silver ion technology in India
  • New water conservation and stormwater solutions with increased recycled content, including StormFLO® in Australia and Drainflo® in New Zealand
  • A hi-tech mobile leak detection system and a digital network monitoring solution, created by Aquarius Spectrum, a smart water tech start-up we acquired in 2022

Overview of our segments


Sanitary, drainage, plumbing & building systems

Contribution to sales

€1.9bn of sales


Infrastructure projects (water, gas, power & telecom)

Contribution to sales

€1.5bn of sales


Piping & pressure systems for industrial fluid management

Contribution to sales

€0.6bn of sales


Water management for irrigation & livestock feeding

Contribution to sales

€0.3bn of sales

We invest in innovative solutions

We’re boosting our innovation capacity through recent acquisitions and investments, such as the acquisition of Zypho, which has expanded our portfolio with groundbreaking drain water heat recovery solutions. We have a direct impact on our product development, allowing us to bring innovative solutions to market more efficiently.

We created a division- Aliaxis Next – expressly charged with finding, investing in, partnering with and enabling water tech entrepreneurs, start-ups and disruptive technologies that will have real societal impact on the key water challenges we face: from water scarcity to floods.

Aliaxis Next has focused its investment and partnerships in three key areas:

  • Sustainable water management
  • Resilient water infrastructure
  • Water for food

Through collaboration, customer-centricity, and continuous investment in R&D, we remain committed to bringing cutting-edge solutions to market rapidly, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

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