The expertise and know-how we have at Aliaxis enables us to offer sustainable, reliable, and tailor-made solutions throughout the fluid cycle, from capture to discharge. Our solutions are used for major infrastructure projects around the world, including international waterways, highly complex gas networks and in the cabling of cities.

Water supply
& reticulation

Gas supply
& reticulation


Connections for essential services

Our high- and low-pressure pipes and fittings move water and energy from source to structure, or away from structures, to treatment and potential reuse.


Our sewage solutions are specially designed to safeguard the health of communities and protect the environment. Our CPVC, UPVC and OPVC pipes are tailored to local needs, either above or below ground, with a team of local experts to guide toward the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

Illustration from India: High demand for new infrastructure pipe
Our newly developed OPVC pipe is proving a popular alternative to metal pipes. Designed for high-pressure water distribution to allow a safe water supply, its highly durable and flexible properties make it ideal for sewer force mains applications. This range of pipes are already being deployed on several projects across North America and India.

Stormwater management

Flooding is a major water-related challenge. The increase in extreme weather events is leading to higher levels of flood-related damage and pollution: stormwater is often contaminated, and needs treating before it can be reused. Our range of solutions helps collect and manage rainwater, to minimise risk to people, buildings and land.

Illustration from Pacific: Draincoil®: The Circular Solution to Waterlogged soil
Our Draincoil® corrugated subsoil drainage system tackles the problem of waterlogging after heavy rain. The pipe product is made of 100% recycled material and is very flexible to prevent cracking. This Australian solution is used in infrastructure and agricultural projects.

Water distribution

The careful, combined management of water, sewage and stormwater will be a key factor in mitigating the projected 40% shortfall in freshwater supply by 2030. Our sustainable solutions support access to clean water for all, at every stage from large utility providers to individual households.

Illustration from Pacific: Delivering drinking water on reclaimed land
A project to redevelop contaminated industrial land in Melbourne’s port area into a new commercial and residential zone, brought challenges as to how to safely connect drinking water. Our Australian and UK businesses worked together to gain approval for 400m of our Protecta-Line barrier pipe system to be installed, smoothly and efficiently, bringing safe clean water through the contaminated site.

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Gas distribution

We’re creating gas distribution solutions to meet the energy needs of a growing population. Our systems are fully tested to meet the highest safety standards and deliver consistent performance for years to come.

Illustration from EMEA: Replacing ageing metal gas pipes in London
Around 2800 km of legacy metallic gas pipes in central London needed replacing, to better serve the growing population. While our GPS polyethylene (PE) Yellow pipes were suitable, the existing pipes approved for use in the UK gas industry were too small in diameter. We manufactured, tested, accredited and delivered a new 800mm pipe, and trained more than 50 installers to insert them into the existing pipe structure for a cost-effective transformation.


We’re creating power and telecommunications systems that are engineered to withstand various environmental conditions, making them ideal for infrastructure electrical applications. Its unique attributes—flexibility, durability, lightweight design, high tensile strength, and UV resistance—enable versatile installation methods and reliability.

Illustration from Americas: Developing the metro in Montreal
We’ve been working with major electrical contractors on the first phase of Montreal’s new automated light rail network. We’ve installed our IPEX underground power and communications Super Duct® system along 67 km of track, which will ultimately cover 26 stations and four terminals.