We provide comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial buildings, including healthcare facilities, hotels, offices, retail spaces, and logistics centers. Our expertise covers everything from wastewater and rainwater management to hot and cold water systems and sanitary facilities.

Buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy consumption. We’re helping our customers act responsibly.
Increasingly, our products use more recycled material and optimise the use of raw materials. So not only are they designed to meet the practical needs of residents, workers and customers, but they’re also manufactured with the impact on the environment in mind too.


  •  Hot and cold plumbing systems
  • Drain waste vents
  • Sanitary solutions


  • Ventilation
  • Fire protection (sprinkler systems)
  • Underfloor heating and cooling systems


  • Power, data and telecomms cable protection and accessories

General building

  • Rainwater management
  • Below-ground drainage
  • Water tanks

Performance built in

Across the world our teams are focused on balancing the needs of end-users, with the demand for more sustainable materials, and increasing regulation. Our high-performance systems and solutions are tailor-made for a wide range of buildings and the people that use them.


Whether for a new build, a renovation, a single dwelling home or multi-occupancy apartment, reduction of noise and unwelcome odours is a critical part of the systems installed to carry water around and out of a building. Our cost-effective and sustainable plumbing and sanitary systems, including innovative drain waste vents, are designed to deliver comfort, convenience and safety.

Illustration: Maestria Condominiums – Tallest twin buildings in Canada
In collaboration with ORAM, our long-time partner, we launched the System XFR®, a new series of large-diameter PVC pipes ideal for high-rise buildings.

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A common feature of offices, hotels and retail outlets is the high volume of people using the buildings and their facilities. From chilled water and air conditioning, to quiet drainage and space-saving plumbing systems, our resilient solutions work behind the scenes to maintain high standards of comfort, even during busy periods.

Illustration: Canfranc railway station in Spain – reborn as a luxury hotel
In Spain’s Aragon valley, below the Pyrenees, a historic but long abandoned railway station has come to life again as a stunning hotel, opening in January 2023. We supplied sewerage, ventilation, and acoustic solutions for this inspiring project which ensures an unforgettable stay for hotel guests.


Specialist needs call for specialised solutions. The flat roofs that characterise many factories and warehouses require our robust wastewater and drainage solutions to handle large quantities of water and heavy rain to avoid flooding.

Illustration: Innovative siphonic system for university buildings
Our Marley brand implemented the Akasison siphonic drainage system on the 3,500 square-meter roof of New Zealand’s Massey University, designed for efficient rainwater removal on large roofs. This system leverages the building’s height and water dynamics to create a vacuum that rapidly drains water.

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Sustainability and cost-effectiveness are more important than ever in the construction of schools, hospitals, transport hubs, public and government buildings. Our highly efficient and robust fluid and energy management systems have been used in municipal projects all over the world.

Illustration: The new valve preventing the spread of disease in hospitals
Our Paris Research hub led the team that developed the first ever hot and cold water balancing valve, for use in healthcare and other settings with high sanitary requirements. This new HTA valve prevents the spread of diseases like legionella by keeping hot and cold water separated and reducing the risk of contamination.

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