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In a rapidly changing world, with a growing population and a changing climate, water is key. Being one of the most precious resources on our planet, we must radically change the way we use water. As a global industry leader that connects people with water and energy, Aliaxis is ready to take up this challenge and help shape a better tomorrow.

Our new logo conveys Aliaxis’ ambition as a global provider of solutions to manage water for better living. The shade of blue refers to bright, pure water – our challenge and objective as an organisation. At the same time, it refers to what we believe is important to achieve this: ever smarter and sustainable innovations that benefit people all over the world.

Our new circular shape refers to our global reach. We offer world-class water and energy solutions to people across continents. The motion reflected in our icon conveys that we are constantly challenging ourselves to think further and faster. It represents a flow of water and at the same time the time pressure to radically change the way we use water. The motion in our logo also represents a global flow of people and ideas: collaborating and co-creating innovative concepts to manage water for better living and make life flow.