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May 2018 saw the inauguration of the expansion of the largest aquarium in Europe.

Dedicated to the high seas ecosystem, Boulogne Sur Mer’s Nausicaa in the north of France is a real technical and bio-marine achievement. The fourth largest aquarium in the world, it welcomes manta rays, sharks and other exotic fish. The challenge was to create an astonishing underground supply network drawing sea water directly from the English Channel through four huge 250-metre long pipes.

In the past, Nausicaa already relied on FIP products so they knew our quality and reliability. For the expansion, Friatec provided its expertise on piping and connection pieces, while FIP valves and filters were installed, including the 400mm butterfly FK valves – the first time this largest model in the FIP range was installed in France.

The expansion of Nausicaa had to be completed in two years and without delay to avoid endangering any marine animals. Now, the 60,000 residents of the aquarium can enjoy a pleasant and long life in their new home.

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