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For 10 years now Aliaxis has been supplying plastic piping solutions for the installations of the Russian chemical manufacturing plant JSC Kaustik in Volgograd, which is part of the NIKOCHEM Group. This long-term partnership is the result of a continuous and close collaboration on product specifications with the technical engineers of JSC Kaustik and their technology provider. Together with this client, Aliaxis is currently working on developing innovative solutions for new technologies in the chemical industry.

JSC Kaustik manufactures chemical products, including caustic soda, chlorine and synthetic hydrochloric acid, which are used in different applications in industrial sectors such as cosmetics and textiles. It is the largest production plant in the NIKOCHEM Group, one of the leaders in the Russian chemical industry. In 2009, JSC Kaustik was one of the first chemical manufacturing companies to replace metal piping systems with plastic piping solutions.


Installations at production sites in the chemical industry traditionally use metal, fibreglass-reinforced or dual laminate piping systems since such pipes have high resistance to corrosion and the development of leaks. But they have a limited operating life and need to be replaced every few years. “Together with our technology provider De Nora (a leading designer of sustainable technologies, energy saving products and water treatment solutions – Part of thyssenkrupp), we decided in 2008 to test thermoplastic piping systems, as they are resistant to corrosion and could provide the same reliability,” explains Dmitri Zanin, deputy Chief Engineer of JSC Kaustik. Aliaxis provided trial systems and worked closely with the technical engineers to specify the right products for their installations.

“Purity is always our biggest concern. In the chemicals industry, it’s all about delivering the best, cleanest and purest end product. After testing the Aliaxis thermoplastic trial installations, our control department immediately saw that the quality of our product had improved.”

Service and support

We also organised several site visits for the engineers to tour its own FIP manufacturing sites in Italy to view the production process and discuss product specifications. “Aliaxis really stood out with their high level of technical support and on-time delivery service. This was absolutely key in our decision to choose Aliaxis as our supplier,” says Dmitri Zanin.

“The Aliaxis systems are extremely easy to install, and the delivery of their products is always on time, which saves maintenance costs.”
Dmitri Zanin, Chief Engineer

JSC Kaustik now uses FIP-branded PVCU and CPVC pipes, PVDF and CPVC ball valves, CPVC butterfly valves and CPVC and PVDF diaphragm valves, all supplied on a yearly basis. As a global player, Aliaxis is able to collaborate continuously on product selection and specification with the JSC Kaustik engineering teams and their technology provider De Nora.

“We are very satisfied with the way Aliaxis is answering our specific needs and the service they are offering us,” emphasizes Dmitri Zanin. “For example, in our production process it is most important to have only short breaks for maintenance. The Aliaxis systems are extremely easy to install and the products are always delivered on time, which saves maintenance costs. Whenever we encounter a problem, we can count on them to find a suitable solution.”

New technologies

At the moment, the JSC Kaustik, De Nora and Aliaxis teams are cooperating to find innovative solutions for new technologies in the chemical industry.

“This is another important challenge. There are plans to change our current technology – mercury electrolysis – and replace it with membrane cell electrolysis in the future. This means that guaranteeing the purity of our end product will become even more important,” explains Dmitri Zanin. “Having a supplier like Aliaxis, a global operator with the capacity to test innovative solutions with our engineering teams all around Europe, allows us to prepare well for the future.”