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At Aliaxis, I have been able to experience that gender diversity brings equality and respect. It improves the work environment and allows us to have a team that generates new perspectives to face the challenges every day and bring better results because of it. 

My experience so far has been very enriching and rewarding because of the unconditional support of my colleagues. I am learning and contributing with the knowledge I have gathered throughout my career. This allows me to enjoy my work and have empathy towards all my colleagues and motivates me to move forward.  

We must find the way to lead and manage according to our strengths and knowledge, our interests, and capabilities. The way of working has changed, and I am glad that at Aliaxis, women have presence, responsibility, and empowerment. 

At Aliaxis we can work with people who value and consider ideas and opinions, based on reaching the same goal. 

Diana Ponte, Industrial Engineer – OHS Supervisor at Lurin Plant, Perú 

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