Press Release: Major Investment in state-of-the-art Moulding Plant in the USA

The analysis was aligned to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) materiality standard and included interviews and workshops with Aliaxis leadership, business lines and functions, desk research and interviews of customers, investors, non-governmental organisations and industry associations.

Aliaxis materiality

The Materiality analysis identified the following priority issues:


Up to 80% of Aliaxis’ business is focused on the transportation of water. By producing safe and durable piping solutions that respond to local needs, we make a significant contribution to providing more people with access to clean water and sanitation, managing an abundance of water, and reducing water consumption.

Energy and climate change

All our global activities (including manufacturing, distribution, research & development and administration) use energy in one form or another. Our entire value chain represents 4 million tonnes of carbon emissions, of which about 90% comes from the purchase of materials and services, and almost 7% from energy consumption in our operations. To further improve our energy efficiency, we are actively looking at ways to reduce the carbon emissions coming from raw materials usage. We are also improving the energy efficiency in operations and aim to grow our use of renewable energy more quickly.

Circular economy

There is a significant opportunity to eliminate waste and keep valuable materials, such as plastics, in use. However, collaboration is needed to build the infrastructure needed to collect and process different post-use plastics so that they can be safely used in new products. By working with others in our industry and beyond, Aliaxis wants to reduce waste and increase the reuse and recycling of plastics.


The vast majority of Aliaxis’ products are made from plastic including PVC. There is public concern regarding the environmental impacts of plastic waste, particularly single use plastics. Even though Aliaxis’ products have relatively long lifespans and can usually be recycled, we recognize that we still need to be responsible in the way that we design, formulate, manufacture, and supply our plastic products to ensure that any adverse environmental impacts are minimised.

Plastic pollution

Safeguarding the environments where we manufacture is a top priority. Plastic pipes are manufactured from plastic pellets, flake or powder (“plastic resin”). Aliaxis ensures that these raw materials do not make their way into the local environment (including waterways and oceans). This effort also ensures we minimise the waste and maximise the responsible use of these valuable resources.


We are committed to eliminating waste from packaging. Aliaxis’ products occasionally require external packaging for shipping, and sometimes these are made with single-use plastics. We are exploring alternative packaging solutions and seeking to reduce waste.


Chemical additives are used to improve the performance of our products and, for example, help mould PVC pipes and fixtures. We are committed to complying with regulations restricting the use of certain chemicals, and to proactively looking for alternative formulations with enhanced health, safety and environmental properties.

Health and safety

Our personnel work across a range of different work environments, all of which are subject to specific health and safety risks. Ensuring that everyone working for Aliaxis is safe and healthy is our top priority.

Labour standards

Aliaxis is a significant employer in the communities in which we are present. We recognise that the working conditions of our 15,500 employees has a big impact on their performance and on their and their families’ wellbeing.

Employee engagement

Aliaxis wants to attract and retain the best talent. To do this we aim to motivate and engage employees in different ways. We aim to ensure that everyone feels part of “One Aliaxis” and that the contribution of everyone is recognised.


Transparency, to us, means being clear and direct not only about our achievements, but also about the challenges we face. We can only maintain the trust of our stakeholders – from customers to employees, regulators, NGOs or the public – if we live by that principle.

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