Sustainability is central to the Aliaxis growth and long-term vision. We believe that an ambitious sustainability plan is instrumental in our strategy to Grow with Purpose. As a result, we have built a plan that includes an integrated series of actions in different domains.

Our commitment begins with the fundamentals of ethical business – from health and safety to compliance – and extends to our wider social and environmental impact.

We know we are able to set ambitious targets because of our employees and through fostering a supportive work culture.

We are committed to being a responsible employer, engaging in our communities, and to conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with the law.

When it comes to our social and environmental actions, our sustainability plan is centered around two priority areas:  we will be decreasing the carbon emissions in our plants and entire value chain, and in conjunction we will continue to develop more and better water solutions for society as a whole.

Aliaxis has been awarded the Silver level rating by the global sustainability rating platform EcoVadis putting Aliaxis among the top 15% of the companies rated by EcoVadis.EcoVadis provides an assessment platform that rates some 65,000 organisations on how they manage sustainability in four categories: environment, labour & human rights, business ethics, and procurement.

Focus on the environment:  significant decrease of carbon - immediate ambitious reduction by 2025

Aerial view of river in tropical green forest with mountains in background

While being committed to the net zero targets for 2050, Aliaxis has the ambition to implement some urgent actions that will pay off in the short term. Therefore, over the next four years, we will be focusing on those areas where we can create the biggest impact: on carbon reduction in our plants and on increasing the share of recycled content in our products.

By 2025, the plan is to target a CO2 decrease of 75% per ton of production on Aliaxis sites, notably by reaching 100% renewable electricity. Also supporting our CO2 ambition is the target of achieving an annual energy efficiency gain of 3%.

The company also aims to significantly increase the share of recycled content in its products. Our target is to reach 50% of the maximum allowed by standards, which will result in a fourfold increase (at minimum) in the recycled content in our products by 2025.

Products like Ecolotube (Canada – 50% recycled material) and HomeTech (France – 20% recycled material) are paving the way. In the meantime, our teams in Australia are progressing to increase recycling capacity.

Focus on water solutions: continuing to develop innovative solutions for key challenges 

Over 75% of our products are used to distribute, treat, or store water: sustainable water management is at the heart of what we do at Aliaxis.

We’re committing to continue to develop solutions for key challenges:

  • Access to sanitation
    • In Latin America we supported local communities in Honduras by providing access to drinking water and clean water supply.
  • Clean water access
    • Our teams in India recently added highly innovative water storage tanks to their product assortment, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and ensure that water remains safe for human consumption.
  • Water preservation
    • Reducing the number of people suffering from water scarcity is a key Sustainable Development Goals ambition.
      In Guatemala, we for example supplied a low-pressure irrigation system that yearly saves 30 billion liters of water on a banana plantation.

Our People at work

Aliaxis adopted global labour standards across the Group, aligned to the International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions, to ensure that employees’ fundamental rights across all our locations are protected and respected. This includes our Health & Safety programs, as well as global initiatives around Diversity & Inclusion. We believe that an inclusive culture allows our 60+ nationalities to bring a rich diversity of capabilities and perspectives.

Aliaxis is also committed to conducting its business with integrity and in compliance with the law. We provide strong policies, employee training (on Code of Conduct, privacy, anti-corruption & anti-bribery, and on competition law) and a whistleblowing mechanism.

Aliaxis has joined the United Nations’ (UN) Global Compact Initiative, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

The United Nations’ Global Compact initiative is a call to companies to align strategies and operations with ten universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals.
Joining the UN Global Compact initiative is a natural continuation of Aliaxis’s sustainability work in all its dimensions: environmental, social and governance.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our supply chain where we expect our business partners to acknowledge our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, we continue to strive to be a “Great Place to Work” by valuing and developing our employees as they move through their careers. We are proud that Aliaxis India received accreditation as a Great Place to Work.