Providing people around the world with advanced plastic piping systems

As a global leader in advanced plastic piping solutions, we intervene at many stages in the transport of water from its source to delivery to the end user.
A high-quality offering within key segments
We deliver a variety of plastic piping solutions for use in building, infrastructure, industrial and agricultural applications across the globe. For each of these segments, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products, tailored to our customer’s needs.

high performance
and durability

Within the building segment we design sanitary, plumbing and building solutions for different types of construction (residential and non-residential) and for different types of market. Whether for private housing (houses, pools, gardens, spas), collective housing (small and large collectives, high-rise buildings), or tertiary buildings (offices, shops, hotels, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, leisure facilities), we produce a wide range of products and solutions, including:

  • drainage: above and below ground, including surface drainage;
  • sanitary solutions: hot and cold-water systems, waste traps and outlets, shower and floor drainage, toilet fittings, etc;
  • rainwater management: gutter systems, fascia and soffits, siphonic roof drainage;
  • electrical and telecom ducts and conduits: complete wire and cable management systems.

focus on today’s
and tomorrow’s needs

The Aliaxis infrastructure offering aims at providing industries and communities with a broad range of solutions for water and gas distribution, sewerage, stormwater management and irrigation. Knowledge and expertise from our businesses all around the world is combined to provide leading and tailor-made solutions. Our products are used globally in leading infrastructure projects like the Panama Canal, highly complex gas networks in the Swiss mountains, or metro lines in Kuala Lumpur.

Products and solutions consist of:

  • water and gas: a comprehensive range of pipes, fittings, valves and connectors for water and gas reticulation
  • rainwater management systems: heavy duty channel drains, infiltration and attenuation units, stormwater management systems, rainwater systems for roads …
  • sewage: a wide range of sewer components

leading range of
piping and pressure systems

Global megatrends are forcing industries to evolve at a very high pace. Consequently, engineering requirements become stricter every day. That is why Aliaxis is investing heavily in its leading range of piping and pressure systems for fluid handling and compressed air distribution. Our process piping offer meets all strict engineering requirements of industrial customers for temperature, pressure, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and more.

Our offering consists of:

  • thermoplastic piping systems, complemented by (actuated) valves;
  • fluid handling solutions for different media (water, fuel, chemicals, etc.);

We have developed an Industrial Solutions app with over ten tools available, making specification of plastic piping more than ten times easier. The tools can be used to identify the appropriate material for chemical fluid being conveyed and to calculate various technical aspects, such as operating pressure and temperature or spacing and supporting of industrial plastic piping systems.

You can download the Aliaxis Industrial Solutions app from the Apple and Google​ stores. ​

With a globally growing population and increasing clean water scarcity, efficient agriculture is key to our future survival. In the vital area of improving agricultural yields, water management will play a large part. Inside Aliaxis we already have the right knowhow and capacity to start addressing this problem and deliver sustainable solutions. We focus on water management in the context of agricultural farming, including bore wells, irrigation systems and watering systems for livestock.


Developing products & solutions in a changing global environment

In a rapidly evolving world where megatrends strongly impact how we live and work, we focus particularly on a series of areas that require a global approach. Combining our worldwide knowhow and experience, we aim to provide our customers with fully integrated solutions.


Today, we are at the crossroads of two significant trends: urbanisation and climate change. Cities are responding to these trends by reaching for the sky. In increasingly dense city areas, most people will be living in high-rise apartment buildings. As an expert in advanced plastic piping systems, Aliaxis has a track record in introducing new, non-conventional concepts that are better suited to meet the specific challenges of such high-rise buildings. Aliaxis High-rise is committed to provide architects, MEP consultants, contractors and installers with solutions that will make high-rise living more feasible, comfortable, green, safe and affordable.

For more, visit our Aliaxis High-rise Building Solutions website: 

and Mining

Historically, chemical and mining companies have always used metal piping, fibreglass-reinforced piping and dual laminate piping for their installations because any leakage of chemical substances could have disastrous effects. However, plastics like C-PVC, polypropylene or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) can provide the same resistance and reliability as traditional materials – and bring a series of other advantages: they are lighter and easier to install, they do not require complex welding techniques for jointing, and they have a longer operating life. In some cases, our products are half the price of conventional pipes, while the absence of corrosion or deposits means lower maintenance costs.


Water is essential to life on Earth. But as our population is increasing, access to clean water for everyone is posing ever greater challenges. That is why we need to implement the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mentality not just in our homes but also outside them. For the first time, companies, industries and governments are beginning to realise that they need to make large-scale reductions in their water consumption. Many companies in industrial sectors such as food and beverages, refineries, power generation and so on, are working hard to downsize their water footprint. Governments are introducing pertinent new laws, like ‘zero liquid discharge’ for certain ‘heavy’ industries. This is the area where the Water Treatment segment of Aliaxis aims to make a tangible difference by offering a complete series of water treatment solutions.


As a growing proportion of world population is increasingly mobile, the global cruise market is in full development, with ships becoming safer and more comfortable. The management of water flows, the prevention of corrosion and the implementation of on board safety rules are the main goals for making leisure cruises more efficient. This is where Aliaxis solutions can make all the difference through the increased use of plastics systems and universal couplings, reducing the weight of materials on ships and adding features such as noise reduction and fire prevention that will improve the comfort and safety of passengers and crew alike.

Our offering

From systems that convey water, chemicals and gases to conduits that carry power and data cabling. From PVC and ABS to PVDF and PE. From valves and fittings to pipes. From solvent cements and cutting tools to electrofusion systems. Whatever the product or application, our customers can be confident that everything they need for their particular solution will be delivered with the quality and service you expect from an industry leader.


Aliaxis products are to be found at every step of the process that brings water from source to tap.

Our Aliaxis businesses over leading products and solutions covering the whole range, from process piping systems for use in water treatment plants, over the widest variety in water transmission pipes to piping systems for underground water transmission, distribution networks or irrigation solutions etc. We also over a range of sanitary solutions, mainly focused on kitchen and bathroom applications: hot and cold water systems, waste traps and outlets, shower and floor drainage.

Waste- & rainwater

There is a growing awareness of environment protection issues surrounding the management of waste- and stormwater by government, industry and the general public.

Aliaxis companies play an important role here by offering a range of products for the collection, transport and management of waste- and rainwater. This offering includes heavy-duty channel drains, infiltration and attenuation units as well as other stormwater management systems. Responding to sewage treatment needs, we also provide a wide range of surface drainage channels, pipes, fittings and manholes. Fascia and soffits for residential buildings and siphonic roof drainage solutions for large and small commercial buildings complement our product range.

Air & Gases

Thanks to our extensive expertise in welding and mechanical jointing technologies, we offer a complete range of PE fittings, pipes, valves and connectors for inert gas handling and natural gas distribution as well as the venting of flue gases. For compressed air distribution in targeted industry applications, we provide solutions based on thermoplastic piping systems complemented by valves, actuated valves and flow measurement devices.

Voice &

For electrical and telecommunication networks worldwide we provide complete management systems that protect buried, encased, concealed or exposed power and data wiring. These systems offer key advantages, such as ease of installation and ease of maintenance for utilities contractors and other installers. In addition to a range of both rigid and corrugated flexible products, we also make conduits which comply with the latest standards.


Our companies build systems to transport and contain many of industry’s corrosive and hazardous chemicals. We supply a broad range of industrial pipes, valves and fittings designed to handle acids and bases in their environments. Whether used for chemical process lines or abrasive slurries, our industrial systems offer a long service life at a lower cost than traditional metallic piping systems.