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Though our commitment to care value has always been an integral part of the Aliaxis identity, I believe this value has become even more significant in the context of the global pandemic. In Iberia, where I serve as the Transformation and Commercial Excellence lead for South Europe, we’ve rolled-out various initiatives to stay connected and support our people in these uncertain times. My personal favourites were the personal training and cooking sessions we had via Instagram Live.

When I later found out about the Aliaxis Athletes Club, I immediately joined, especially with the club’s challenge bringing awareness and support to the Aliaxis Solidarity Fund. To me, it seemed like a great way for sports enthusiasts across our business to challenge and motivate one another while also extending a helping hand to our colleagues who have been impacted most by the pandemic.

Despite my ambition to take part in the Aliaxis Athletes Club Challenge, Spain’s relatively strict lockdown measure meant I was stuck inside and unable to track my regular runs. Nevertheless, I stayed active throughout the lockdown by working out at home with the help of an app called Freeletics. In fact, this app helped me avoid a ticket one day when the police stopped me while I was taking out my garbage. I had just finished working out at home but they thought I had been running outside, which was not permitted at the time. I showed them my most recent workout on the Freeletics app and they let me go without giving me a ticket!

So while I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself in the Aliaxis Athletes Club Challenge, I’m still glad to be part of this initiative and hope to further connect with colleagues across the company through our club. And I must say, as one of the many people whose role is to support the transformation towards One Aliaxis, this is the type of initiative that illustrates why this goal is so important and how we can thrive together. Our commitment to care amid a turbulent 2020 has proved that we are stronger together, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

By Federico Boccardo
Specification and Pull Manager Building Iberia