The climate crisis is also a water crisis, with nearly one billion people lacking access to clean water and two billion with no sanitation in their homes.

We understand these challenges because sustainable water management is at the heart of what we do. With 75% of our products used to distribute, treat or store water, we have a unique insight and we’re turning that into action by finding innovative ways to increase access to clean water and sanitation and to preserve this precious resource.

Access to sanitation

Access to clean water and sanitation is essential for decent living conditions. We have worked on a number of projects to make a real and immediate impact on the climate and water crises.

  • Our teams in Spain, France and Italy were involved in the building of the largest wastewater plant in Africa, which uses thousands of our valves, pipes and fittings. Not only is wastewater treated safely and efficiently here, but it is used to irrigate 140,000 hectares of farmland on the banks of the Suez Canal.
  • In India, our teams applied their expertise to the country’s poor sewage infrastructure, which is compounding the issue of scarce water supply. Working with partners, we quickly developed a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant that’s compact, easy to install and uses advanced bio-media to withstand higher loads.
We supplied



4 km

of pipes and


fittings for the Bahr Al-Baqar wastewater plant in Egypt.

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Clean water access

Nearly one billion people in the world are denied access to clean water. We continue to look for next generation ideas that will help us tackle this particular challenge.

  • Our teams in  India  added highly innovative water  storage  tanks to their  product range. These tanks inhibit the growth of bacteria, making sure that water remains safe for  human  consumption.
  • In Australia, we installed 400 metres of the Protecta-Line barrier pipe system to safely transport drinking water through contaminated industrial land. This was a critical part of turning Melbourne’s port area into new commercial and residential zones.
We managed


severe weather events with Opti* and decreased the devastating effects of stormwater.

*A fully-owned operation through Aliaxis Next

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Water preservation

Reducing the number of people suffering from water scarcity  is a  key  Sustainable  Development  Goals  ambition. And one we share. Our solutions help preserve this valuable resource because we understand that every drop counts.

  • In  Guatemala,  we supplied a low-pressure irrigation system to a banana plantation, that  saves  30 billion  litres of water every year.
  • The water recycling systems we developed in India are tackling water stress in the country by providing smaller, better systems to treat and reuse black and grey water.
  • We modernised an irrigation system in Spain by installing 195 km of efficient polythene pipes, eliminating leaks and water loss through evaporation.
We saved

7 billion

gallons of water with Aquarius Spectrum’s acoustic leak detection solutions which is equivalent to 10,500 Olympic size swimming pools.

Action for Water

Managing water sustainably is an intrinsic part of tackling global warming. But the central part water plays in our changing climate is not as well recognised as it should be. We want to be a catalyst for action on water, so we’re building a coalition of like-minded people to lift the profile of water as a key climate change challenge and press for urgent action.

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Aliaxis Next

As part of our commitment to speed up the development of innovative sustainable solutions, we created Aliaxis Next. This division invests in or acquires disruptive water tech start-ups with a focus on: sustainable water management, resilient water infrastructure, water for food, and access to water. In only two years, we have forged nine strategic partnerships in water tech.

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Powerful partnerships

We know we can achieve much more if we work closely with like-minded public and private organisations who share our focus on finding solutions to the world’s water challenges.

We’ve joined the 50L home coalition, whose vision is to make 50 litres of water use a day the average consumption per person, compared with the current average in Europe of 150 litres.

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