We have more than 15,000 employees around the world who are motivated and ready to make a real difference for the planet.

Developing our people is a top priority across the company. We’re only able to set the ambitious targets of our Growth with Purpose strategy if our employees are able to push what’s possible and strive for excellence across all aspects of the business.

To turn our intentions into actions, we embody behaviours that guide our way of working.

  • We Dare to challenge the status quo, to innovate and learn fast
  • We Care for the environment, our customers and each other
  • We Deliver by taking accountability for our decisions and actions

Health and safety

We know that wellbeing at work can depend on having the space to take ownership and being empowered to deliver results your way. So we make sure our people find a trusting and collaborative environment, wherever they’re working at Aliaxis.

Reportable incident rate


versus previous year and from 9.8 per million hours worked in 2020 to 4.7 in 2023

A place to thrive

We want to create an environment where every colleague can achieve their potential. Our mentoring programmes and training help people develop careers and personal successes as they work towards shared strategic goals.

Our plumbing schools in India are aimed at young people wanting to join the construction industry, tackling both skills shortages in the sector and youth unemployment. Helping these trainees achieve accreditation not only gives them a chance to earn a living, but also nurtures the skills needed to tackle India’s water.



of our employees are satisfied at work*

*2023 Aliaxis Employee Survey, with 92% participation

Responsible business

We’re committed to being a responsible employer, engaging with our communities and conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with the law, wherever we operate.

We’ve adopted global labour standards across the Group to  make sure our employees are protected and respected. We provide strong policies; employee training on Code of Conduct, privacy, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, and competition law; and a whistleblowing mechanism.

We’ve also joined the United Nations’ (UN) Global Compact Initiative, which holds us to high standards of social sustainability both within our own business and within the wider communities that we serve.