The 2020 Aliaxis SA Consolidated Annual Report has been published.
Vinidex Pellets Recycling
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In contrast to single use plastics, our plastic pipes and fittings have a long lifespan, making them a smart and sustainable choice. Drains and sewers made from plastic contribute significantly to sustainable development in the utility sector, with low impacts during manufacturing and a product’s life. At Aliaxis, we are developing our contribution to the circular economy in different ways.

In Australia, we are working on a number of sustainable initiatives, including investing in the right equipment to increase the use of external recyclate in certain products, while maintaining the high quality and long service life our customers expect.

In most of our plants across our APAC region, we have on-site facilities to shred or granulate plastic waste products, and to micronise PVC materials. Typically, our equipment can wash and clean incoming materials, and generate recyclate at a rate of around 0.5 tonnes per hour, though this varies from plant to plant.

This is very much a developing area, and we are already working with existing companies with the capabilities to source and process HDPE, PVC, PP and LD waste streams across the region. We are also working with our customers to allow them to return off cuts for recycling, and providing facilities to regional councils for the disposal of HDPE and PVC as an alternative to landfill.