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There’s so much to consider when it comes to positioning Aliaxis as a market leader. To me, there are two leadership traits that are worth considering: depending on the situation a good leader must be able to take a step back and see the bigger picture or focus in on the details if necessary.

It was the latter of these two traits that inspired the project we carried out to consolidate our stockyards in Bangalore, India. We had multiple stockyards where we were storing and dispatching pipes and fittings, which meant trucks along with dispatch team often, had to go to multiple loading points to pick up the orders, which was inconvenient and time consuming.

This is the detail and challenge we needed to address, and we did so by setting up a single location for our stock, which also meant uniting our entire supply chain: sales order processing, pick lists, dispatch and billing. It wasn’t easy but it’s been well worth the time and energy. Not only are we saving money by vacating three storage yards, we’ve also significantly reduced loading times with the same number of workers and have subsequently increased the number of trucks we can load each day. Most importantly, we’ve made the process safer for our people and much easier for customers, which has been a delight.

What’s more, we have acquired a new warehouse in the outskirts of Bangalore where we store complete product ranges that cater to the southern part of India. In doing so we were able to vacate five small depots spread out across the city, which has saved time, money and manpower.

Addressing these details has had a positive impact on the bigger picture too, and we’re better positioned to be a leader in the markets we serve. This project has better connected us with our customers who see that we can offer solutions and create value, and we have set ourselves up for more organic growth moving forward. It is a great team effort with contributions from Sivakumar R (Injection Moulding), Sumesh, Kesavan & Arularasu from SCM with guidance & support from our COO, Sunil Banthiya.

By Ravi Jebakumar
Head of Operations, Ashirvad Pipes, India