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Aliaxis India’s success in the water storage tank segment is a perfect example of how we can move into a new product area and create a growth opportunity. We identified an opportunity to bring a differentiated offering in the rather traditional water storage market in India and decide to bring our own brand-new water tank offering to our customers.

“Once we identified the opportunity, we conducted a competitor and price benchmarking analysis to see how our potential solution might fit into the market,” says Shireesh Pankaj, Head of R&D at Aliaxis India. “We asked customers what they really needed and developed a solution to meet their exact requirements.”

We developed and launched the Ashirvad Pure water storage tank in just six months, and it came with several key features differentiating it from traditional products offered. Among these, the tank’s inner layer uses nano silver technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and ensures that water remains safe for consumption. It also has a UV-stable outer layer, which increases the tank’s long-term durability, allowing a 10 years warranty.

As well as offering attractive sales potential, the water storage tank has increased our brand visibility in the market. It is also allowing us to connect with consumers as an end-to-end solution provider, further expanding our sales opportunities of other product offerings.

Mr Deepak Mehrotra, India CEO summarizes this successful launch: “Ashirvad is known for innovative and high-quality products that last a lifetime. We aspire to offer end-to-end water management solutions to our valued customers. Our portfolio of water storage offerings will not only fill an important gap in our offering but also provide unparalleled technical features to the benefit of our customers.”

“I have done plumbing work at more than 500 homes in the past 15 years. For the first time, my customers are excited about the water tank. The nano silver technology, the colours and different sizes are very much appreciated by my customers.” – Parmesh