The One Tower project in Limassol, Cyprus, is the perfect example of where Aliaxis is heading: not just offering products but providing complete solutions and strategic advice for real-life issues. This also includes practical training for construction workers and on-site follow-up from the expert team.

Daniel Rath, Regional Business Development Manager High-Rise, explains: “We are very proud to have landed the first super high-rise project in Cyprus. It is also the first project with Studor Active Ventilation in Cyprus.”

“The relationship with leading international engineering companies, built over the years by the Aliaxis Technical Services Team, has been vital as it now influences the use of innovative solutions in other markets,” Daniel explains.

Advantages of active ventilation

The acceptance of Studor Active Ventilation (P.A.P.A.) in the UK market is spreading to new markets. The advantages of active ventilation are undeniable.

“The active ventilation system simplifies both the design and the installation of a drainage, waste and ventilation (DWV) building system. This guarantees the integrity of the water trap seals from any pressure fluctuation during operation, independently of the height of the building,” Daniel says. It also saves space in the building, as there are less pipes to be installed, which also saves time and money.

Training and on-site check-up

Launching a new system in a market requires active support from the team. “Our involvement started quite some time before the construction process. For One Tower specifically, this started at the end of 2018 with the validation of the construction drawings. Because the construction teams never installed Studor before, we offered training and an on-site check-up. We were also in constant communication with the local MEP company to make sure they understand the technology and the critical aspects.”

Instalment on the lower floors

“High-rise buildings like this 37-storey tower are being built in phases. I just double-checked all construction for the first seven stories on site, verified it with the drawings and checked some of the critical connections in the set-up. Particularly, instalment on the lower floors is tricky and requires a lot of checks,” Daniel adds.

Georghiou & Zembylas Partners

“The P.A.P.A. – system offered us an alternative way of simplifying the complex design of the sewage drainage network of the Tower and also saved valuable shaft space,” says Glafkos Georghiou, Mechanical Engineer and Founding Partner at Georghiou & Zembylas Partners, the Local MEP Consultants of One Tower.

“We were very pleased with the support we got from Aliaxis’ Technical Services Team and Mr. Daniel Rath during the design and construction stage of this challenging and prestigious project in Limassol Cyprus,” concludes Glafkos.