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COVID-19 News update

COVID-19 News update - Encouraging financial performance and reassuring liquidity position in H1 2020 in a challenging COVID-19 environment. Continued focus on people and health, supported by effective crisis management.

Latest news,

Making heroes of our customers in the UK during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced how our products can improve people’s lives. Plus, Aliaxis’ continued ability to support our customers when they need us most makes for a winning combination. Here in the UK, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to essential projects geared toward managing the pandemic.

My Aliaxis,

Rolling-out Aliaxis’ Safe Restart project around the globe

The coronavirus has forced us to rethink our approach to health and safety at Aliaxis. After all, a global pandemic isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you consider health and safety in the workplace. Still, many of us working in this area of our business have received crisis management training that we have now put to good use.

My Aliaxis,

Going forklift-free for a safer workplace in Pineville, North Carolina

Being proactive is at the heart of our Go for Zero culture. With this in mind, Aliaxis IPEX plants and distributions centres across North America are committed to taking a proactive approach to identifying and managing risks, even if it means addressing complex challenges. This was the case at our Pineville moulding plant in North Carolina (US), where we recently embraced a vision of creating a forklift-free plant.

My Aliaxis,

Bringing more value to customers in Iberia during COVID-19

Aliaxis Iberia has responded to the global coronavirus pandemic with creative solutions aimed at staying connected to customers, stakeholders and our own people. The idea has been to show our support and care while adding value, even amid difficult circumstances. From a customer and stakeholder perspective, we have rolled out several initiatives that have already been well received.

My Aliaxis,

Putting Alicante’s expertise to work for our community during COVID-19

Across the world, our expertise and manufacturing capabilities have put Aliaxis in a position to extend our commitment to care to the communities in which we operate. With Spain being among the hardest-hit countries during the coronavirus pandemic, our team at Aliaxis Alicante wanted to ensure the safety of our people. Once we developed a solution, we set out to share it with the frontline workers going above and beyond the call of duty in these times.

My Aliaxis,

How Aliaxis supports environmental protection: interview with Howard Oakes & Sven Alaerts

We asked Howard Oakes, Global Head of Health, Safety and Environment, and Sven Alaerts, Global Head of Environmental Sustainability, how Aliaxis supports environmental protection.

Latest news,

Aliaxis announces leadership transition

The Board of Directors of Aliaxis, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of plastic fluid handling systems, announced today that Mr. Laurent Lenoir, having completed his five-year mission as CEO, has decided to step down as of July 31st.

Press release,

TEPPFA Welcomes Tom Van Gyseghem as its New President

TEPPFA, the leading European trade association representing plastic pipe manufacturers in Europe, is pleased to announce that Tom Van Gyseghem will join as the new president for the next two years with immediate effect.

Press release,

Aliaxis Annual General Meeting 2020

On Wednesday 27 May 2020, Aliaxis SA held its Annual General Meeting.


Adaptability, versatility and teamwork at Aliaxis Sanit during COVID-19

The on-going coronavirus situation has highlighted the importance of being able to adapt to new situations. To me, the process of adapting to new work-related challenges is much easier if we operate as one team working together. This has been our approach at Aliaxis Sanit in Germany.

My Aliaxis,

Maintaining production and safety during the pandemic in Mannheim during COVID-19

Efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus have varied from country to country. For example the Aliaxis site in Mannheim, Germany, was able to maintain operations throughout the pandemic. Still, like our sites across the world, we are adapting to the situation to keep our people safe and to continue serving our customers.

My Aliaxis,

Innovating to respond to new sanitization needs in El Salvador during COVID-19

Like most businesses across El Salvador, operations at our Durman by Aliaxis site are on hold as part of the government-imposed lockdown. Around the world, these lockdowns are helping to ease the strain on healthcare facilities while giving scientists and medical professionals time to better understand and respond to COVID-19.

My Aliaxis,

Bringing some simplicity to unfamiliar health and safety practices during COVID-19

Despite being relatively straightforward, physical distancing guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus aren’t always easy to follow. Our basic social instincts are to hug our friends and family, or shake hands with colleagues – and somehow our faces become itchy as soon as we’re told not to touch them.

My Aliaxis,

Aliaxis Annual General Meeting – 27 May 2020 – Shareholder information

All shareholder information about the 2020 Aliaxis Annual General Meeting is available here.


Mobilising to save lives in Guatemala during COVID-19

Government-mandated lockdowns to slow the spread of coronavirus have impacted our operations across Central America. Here in Guatemala, the government called on us to support the establishment of a temporary hospital to care for COVID-19 patients. It was an opportunity to make a real difference amid this global crisis and serve our country, so naturally we were eager to contribute.

My Aliaxis,

A safe return to full capacity in Zhongshan, China, during COVID-19

After a series of partial and full lockdowns, our site in Zhongshan, China is now back to 100% capacity. Zhongshan is 1,000 km away from Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus is said to have originated from. A partial manufacturing quarantine came into effect here towards the end of January, but a full lockdown followed within a few days. Our site reopened partially on 16 March and has been at full capacity since 2 April.

My Aliaxis,

2019 Annual Report

Our 2019 Annual Report is available for download.

Annual report,

Ashirvad Cares: Outreach, engagement and impact across India during COVID-19

Our instincts always tell us to come together in times of crisis. However, when the crisis in question requires physical distancing, the focus must shift to a different kind of unity. This has been the case for Aliaxis across the world, and it's no different here in India.

My Aliaxis,

Aliaxis & World Earth Day: Interview with Klaas Decuypere, VP Building

We asked Klaas Decuypere, Global VP Building, for his perspective on Earth Day and how Aliaxis is helping to tackle climate change.

Latest news,