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Going above and beyond to put our people first

It’s easy to Go for Zero when your entire team comes together to make your workplace safer. The Aliaxis Procurement team in Luxembourg witnessed this first-hand in July when we all took part in a two-day First-Aid Training. By law, only one person in our office needs to be certified in first aid, but given the opportunity, we agreed that it would be best if we all took part in the training, so we did!


Aliaxis completes stock purchase of Silver-Line Plastics and expands presence in North America

Following the announcement of 22 August, we are happy to announce that Aliaxis has successfully closed the acquisition of Silver-Line Plastics, a US leader in the manufacturing of plastic pipe products.

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Evolving with a view to meeting customer needs

We only win if our customers win. If you think about it for a moment it’s actually an ‘all or nothing’ situation, which is why our success depends largely on understanding our customers and being able to anticipate and meet their needs.


Join the Aliaxis Global ERP Program Team!

Are you ready to play a key role in unifying the new Aliaxis even further? Then team up with our Global ERP Program members & set the standards for our future way of working!


Do the Mahi at Mahia Housekeeping Day

We all want to take pride in our workplace and ensure that we make every effort to keep our entire site organised and in good working condition. For our team at Marley/Dux Auckland, having a tidy site is part of what makes Aliaxis the best place to work, and it makes our jobs much easier to do, too.


Because we have more than one reason to return home safely

There’s nothing more important than family, and I know each one of us would do just about anything to make sure our family members are safe and healthy. Taking care of our beloved ones is important to everyone at Aliaxis. That’s why always being in Go for Zero mode is so important. And let’s not forget that the special people in our lives want us to be safe too.


Taking the Best and Making it Better – Bridges Employment Services

I think that feeling proud to be part of the IPEX by Aliaxis team is integral to our company being the best place to work.


Mixed Aliaxis performance in HY1 2019 – Further progress on portfolio rationalisation and efficiency programs

Mixed Aliaxis performance in HY1 2019. We are moving forward on portfolio rationalisation and are reinforcing our position in strategic geographies. Against the outlook of an economic slowdown, we will continue to adapt our cost structure to the ever-changing market environment.

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TEPPFA joins EU wide initiative to improve the sustainable use of plastics

On 20 September the key influencers that can move society at large to a more sustainable use of plastic products gathered in Brussels to sign the Circular Plastic Alliance Declaration. More than 100 European trade organisations, including TEPPFA, companies and public authorities signed. They represent the entire value chain from raw material producers, product manufacturers, users up to waste management organisations, recyclers and public authorities. The Circular Plastic Alliance Declaration is a clear commitment to increase uptake of recycled content in new plastic products.


Taking the time to put our people first

When we talk about ‘Go for Zero’ it’s so much more than just tracking numbers and improving safety performance on paper; it’s about our people and making sure that we look out for each other.


Aliaxis completes divestment of its Ceramics business

Aliaxis SA, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems, has announced today that it has completed the divestment of its Ceramics Business, consisting of FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT high-performance ceramics and FRIDURIT laboratory technology, to KYOCERA Fineceramics GmbH. This way both businesses are now fully part of KYOCERA, a global leading ceramics and technology corporation.

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Aliaxis Announces Agreement to Acquire Silver-Line Plastics to Expand North American Portfolio

Aliaxis SA, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems, and its North American subsidiary IPEX have announced today an agreement to acquire Silver-Line Plastics, a US leader in the manufacturing of plastic pipe products.

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Better living conditions for 62 families in El Salvador

Many families in poor rural villages in Latin America have no access to drinking water. As a result, they live in deteriorating conditions and sometimes sink further into poverty. Through the NGO Selavip, Aliaxis is contributing to changing the lives of rural families.


Revolutionary high-rise venting system for renowned Panama developer

Pacific Hills, a leading real estate developer in Panama, is constantly researching high-performing solutions for its many projects. For its latest project, the Pacific Park Towers residential development, the company implemented the Studor Positive Air Pressure Attenuator (P.A.P.A.), a revolutionary venting solution from the Aliaxis portfolio.