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Aliaxis signs agreement to divest its US distributor Harrington

Aliaxis, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems, has signed an agreement to sell Harrington Industrial Plastics.

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Doing our part to make a difference

There’s nothing that brings people in Canada together like hockey. It really is our universal language. That’s why when our distribution partner Next Plumbing Supply invited us to join a road hockey fundraiser organised by the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Centre in Toronto, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


Paying Attention to Details to Get Ahead

There’s so much to consider when it comes to positioning Aliaxis as a market leader. To me, there are two leadership traits that are worth considering: depending on the situation a good leader must be able to take a step back and see the bigger picture or focus in on the details if necessary.


Friatec to become Aliaxis Germany

Aliaxis is pleased to announce that Friatec GmbH, our established and credible German manufacturer of connection technology for piping systems, will be operating under the name “Aliaxis Deutschland GmbH”, effective December 1st, 2019.

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Thinking like an industry leader

Being the clear #1 in global plastic pipework is so much more than a label we give ourselves. For instance, we need to be able to anticipate and respond to the challenges that come with growth, staying at least one step ahead to maintain our position as an industry leader.


Join the Aliaxis Global ERP Program Team!

Are you ready to play a key role in unifying the new Aliaxis even further? Then team up with our Global ERP Program members & set the standards for our future way of working!


Aliaxis France once again recognised for innovative Magnetech technology

The team from Aliaxis Cholet in France developed an innovative and compact PVC siphon product using three magnets to open and close a valve for use in showers. The product is innovative, compact, robust, practical and durable. It has won an Inovyn award as well as other prizes in France.


Going above and beyond to put our people first

It’s easy to Go for Zero when your entire team comes together to make your workplace safer. The Aliaxis Procurement team in Luxembourg witnessed this first-hand in July when we all took part in a two-day First-Aid Training. By law, only one person in our office needs to be certified in first aid, but given the opportunity, we agreed that it would be best if we all took part in the training, so we did!


Aliaxis completes stock purchase of Silver-Line Plastics and expands presence in North America

Following the announcement of 22 August, we are happy to announce that Aliaxis has successfully closed the acquisition of Silver-Line Plastics, a US leader in the manufacturing of plastic pipe products.

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Evolving with a view to meeting customer needs

We only win if our customers win. If you think about it for a moment it’s actually an ‘all or nothing’ situation, which is why our success depends largely on understanding our customers and being able to anticipate and meet their needs.


Do the Mahi at Mahia Housekeeping Day

We all want to take pride in our workplace and ensure that we make every effort to keep our entire site organised and in good working condition. For our team at Marley/Dux Auckland, having a tidy site is part of what makes Aliaxis the best place to work, and it makes our jobs much easier to do, too.


Because we have more than one reason to return home safely

There’s nothing more important than family, and I know each one of us would do just about anything to make sure our family members are safe and healthy. Taking care of our beloved ones is important to everyone at Aliaxis. That’s why always being in Go for Zero mode is so important. And let’s not forget that the special people in our lives want us to be safe too.


Taking the Best and Making it Better – Bridges Employment Services

I think that feeling proud to be part of the IPEX by Aliaxis team is integral to our company being the best place to work.