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Aliaxis in the Netherlands embarks on its journey as a new brand

This 24 September, Akatherm B.V. was officially rebranded as Aliaxis Nederland B.V. The news reflects all the hard work that has gone into making this transition a success and marks the beginning of an exciting new era for our colleagues in the Netherlands. I also see this rebrand as an important step in our integration as One Aliaxis, which makes it a win we can all share in.

My Aliaxis,

Innovative solutions for contemporary challenges

There’s no doubt that climate change is having a considerable impact on weather systems around the world. In geographical regions like LATAM, there’s been an increase in the frequency and severity of storms, and the subsequent amount of rainfall. Traditional rain channel products have proven to be insufficient at handling the increasing volumes of rainfall, and customers have been exploring the solutions offered by our direct competitors or opting to use metal.


Aliaxis opens new Research & Technology Centre in Bangalore, India

Aliaxis has officially opened a brand-new Research & Technology Centre in Bangalore, India. The investment in this R&T Centre confirms Aliaxis’ ambition to further raise the bar in terms of innovation and to continue to develop a strong offering of innovative systems and solutions for water and energy management.

Latest news,

Lending a helping hand to promote inclusion in Italy

Our commitment to care value has been in the spotlight since the onset of the pandemic. I think that promoting and living this value is a great way to support one another as well as the communities in which we live and work. We have engaged in a variety of on-going initiatives across Aliaxis Italy to do just that, and we’re all very proud to be making a difference.

My Aliaxis,

HomeTech: An Innovative Recycled Technology

HomeTech is an environmentally friendly, high-performance wastewater system for the building industry, that demonstrates how the design and usage of our products can directly contribute to the development of circular economy at Aliaxis.


Building our reputation with a high-profile customer in Greece

Winning together with our customers is what sets Aliaxis apart from the competition and what allows us to be the clear #1 in global plastic piping. I think it’s even more convincing to win together with a high-profile customer that can bring us more visibility and access to large-scale projects. This was the opportunity we had at Aliaxis Greece, where we partnered with Fraport to supply an Akasison Siphonic System for the Kos International Airport.

My Aliaxis,

Special General Shareholders’ Meeting Aliaxis-24 November 2020-Shareholder information

On November 24th, 2020, a Special General Shareholders’ Meeting of Aliaxis will take place.


Partnership between Selavip and Aliaxis

Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) framework is directly related to our company mission of connecting people with water and energy. Partnerships like the one we have with Selavip International make the most of the expertise within our business and enable us to contribute in a meaningful way.


Running a Commitment to Care Marathon

Running has been a big part of my life over many years. Before the pandemic forced us into restrictions here in Melbourne, Australia I was lucky enough to have competed in a number of running events ranging from 15 to 56 km distances, achieving a few podium finishes along the way. With restrictions due to COVID-19 there has been some interesting running challenges that have emerged to fit in with recent restrictions.  I accepted a dare to run a 50-kilometres around my house (some 407 laps) and completed it in seven hours, back in March!

My Aliaxis,

Connecting through the Aliaxis Athletes Club

For the longest time I’ve been using work-related meetings, conventions and trade shows as an opportunity to connect with colleagues and take part in sports activities together. With the pandemic affecting travel around the world, these types of opportunities are no longer readily available. Thankfully, the Aliaxis Athletes Club is serving to help fill this void – we can still connect, challenge and inspire each other, no matter where we are in the world.

My Aliaxis,

The Aliaxis Athletes Club: we’re stronger together

Though our commitment to care value has always been an integral part of the Aliaxis identity, I believe this value has become even more significant in the context of the global pandemic. In Iberia, where I serve as the Transformation and Commercial Excellence lead for South Europe, we’ve rolled-out various initiatives to stay connected and support our people in these uncertain times. My personal favourites were the personal training and cooking sessions we had via Instagram Live.

My Aliaxis,

Our 2020 Half-Year Results have been published

We have published our 2020 Half-Year Results: Encouraging performance in context of COVID-19. Strong liquidity position, supported by effective crisis management and further portfolio rationalisation

Press release, Uncategorized,

Aliaxis appoints Eric Olsen as Chief Executive Officer

The board of directors of Aliaxis, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of plastic fluid handling systems, has today announced that Eric Olsen will join the group as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Press release,

Aliaxis to divest South-East Asian businesses: agreement signed with LESSO Group

Aliaxis SA announces that it has signed an agreement to divest its businesses in South-East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore) to LESSO Group, a large industrial group of pipes & fittings, home furnishings and other building materials in China.

Latest news,

Aliaxis and Kando to sign investment agreement

Aliaxis, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems, and Kando, an environmental technology and data company specialising in digitising wastewater systems to offer operators enhanced insight and control over their networks, have today signed a strategic investment and collaboration agreement.

Latest news,

Aliaxis Athletes Club: Flexing our commitment to care muscles

Aliaxis’ commitment to care has taken on new meaning since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. From adapting workplaces to ensure the safety of our people to supporting frontline workers in our communities and so much more, it’s been inspiring to see this value materialise in so many ways across our company.

My Aliaxis,

COVID-19 News update

COVID-19 News update - Encouraging financial performance and reassuring liquidity position in H1 2020 in a challenging COVID-19 environment. Continued focus on people and health, supported by effective crisis management.

Latest news,

Supporting the work of our healthcare heroes at the NHS

Being able to mobilise quickly to curb the spread of coronavirus has been critical for governments around the world. Every minute matters and being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Here in the UK, our National Health Service (NHS) has implemented several contingency measures to prepare for a worst-case scenario. Aliaxis UK was called upon to support one such initiative.

My Aliaxis,

Staying connected when it matters most

The coronavirus pandemic has redefined the concept of uncertain times, which has made responding to it a unique challenge for everyone. Across Aliaxis Iberia we knew that we had to maintain the connection our people have under normal circumstances while providing additional support to account for this unprecedented situation. We came up with several creative initiatives in Spain to keep connected, which we have been rolled out under the Aliaxis Iberia Care banner.

My Aliaxis,

Making heroes of our customers in the UK during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced how our products can improve people’s lives. Plus, Aliaxis’ continued ability to support our customers when they need us most makes for a winning combination. Here in the UK, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to essential projects geared toward managing the pandemic.

My Aliaxis,