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The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced how our products can improve people’s lives. Plus, Aliaxis’ continued ability to support our customers when they need us most makes for a winning combination. Here in the UK, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to essential projects geared toward managing the pandemic.

One of these opportunities involved supporting the development of a temporary hospital in Swansea, Wales. In April, authorities decided to set up two field hospitals in the Swansea Bay area to ensure the National Health Service (NHS) would be able to cope with increased demands, if necessary.

Welsh Water, the company that supplies drinking water and wastewater services to most of Wales and parts of western England, was tasked with connecting a new water supply to one of the buildings housing a temporary hospital. The company turned to Aliaxis UK to provide the right products for the job.

Thanks to some excellent work in sales, customer service and logistics we were able to deliver the GPS 3C coils Welsh Water needed within 48 hours of receiving the order. Our partner Lewis Civil Engineering was also called upon to support the project. Welsh Water asked the company to install the pipe and test it to make sure it was functioning properly. Like Aliaxis UK, Lewis Civil Engineering was very quick to respond and make our solution operational.

Given the project’s urgent nature and the strict timeline Welsh Water had to work with, we truly did help make our customer a hero, which is even more important given that they were supporting our NHS heroes.

It was a small order, but it served a much larger purpose and does indeed reflect the fact that our products improve lives. Moreover, Welsh Water ended up placing another less-urgent order the next week, which we were also able to deliver on.

We take pride in being a reliable partner for our customers, and it’s even more rewarding to serve this role in the context of the current pandemic. I think this approach to understanding customer needs and responding with the best possible solutions is exactly the mind-set the world needs to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

By Mike Williams
Infrastructure Sales Manager