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Hospitals are about delivering expert care for those with illnesses or health-related issues. To be able to provide this, it is crucial that all systems in the hospital run smoothly, invisibly and inaudibly. This includes safe and quiet plumbing and drainage solutions, as the ones the King’s College Hospital in Dubai installed.

As healthcare services must be able to ensure the quality of care 24/7 year in year out, drainage issues are out of the question. Tariq Abbadi, General Manager of Aliaxis Gulf, explains: “Healthcare projects are usually substantial investments that should stand the test of time. Reliable drainage systems are vital in order to be able to prevent leakages, or the spreading of viruses and damage to expensive medical equipment.”

Aliaxis has a proven record of supplying reliable drainage systems to the healthcare sector for many decades. At the location of the Dubai offshoot of the celebrated British institution, King’s College Hospital, it quickly became clear that there was a need for Aliaxis’ Akatherm high-density polyethylene-pipes (HDPE). With leak-free joints, resistance to high temperatures and chemicals and a life cycle of up to 50 years, it is the perfect choice to ensure quality and operational efficiency.

Limiting noise pollution

In addition to safety and reliability, a hospital also needs to nurture an environment conducive to patient well-being. This means limiting noise pollution. “To ensure patients can recover in peace and quiet, it is crucial they can’t hear any noises from the drainage system”, Tariq adds.

Akatherm’s dBlue acoustic soil and waste system was the optimal choice. The pipe structure consists of three layers made from a state-of-the-art combination of polypropylene and sound-absorbing mineral filler. It is designed specifically to minimise the transfer of sound, and it is ideal for hot waste removal.

Helping the community

Ultimately, delivering high-quality trusted healthcare requires behind-the-scenes-products that complement such high standards. By turning to Aliaxis, the Dubai King’s College Hospital has ensured that it will continue to uphold its reputation for excellence and efficiency.

“We successfully contributed to this project by carefully helping the customers choose the right product for their purpose. We offer education about hygienic standards and training on site. It is great to work on a project the community benefits from”, Tariq concludes.

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