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Climate change is affecting us all, our health, our homes, our cities. Measures we take today to mitigate the risks will help reduce the threat not just from extreme weather conditions, but also loss of crops, water scarcity and pollution, and disease. The reason we need to act now is shown in the mounting scientific evidence about climate change.

Listening to the science

Leading scientists and policymakers have warned of key climate impacts that could be mitigated or avoided by limiting global warming to 1.5ºC compared to 2ºC, or more. In late 2019, the United Nations forecast that the gap between country pledges made in the 2015 Paris climate treaty and the 1.5 degrees target is now so large that average temperatures could rise by 4 degrees. That could be catastrophic and is why it is vital that we all make a difference in every area of our lives, at work and at home.

The upsurge in the earth’s temperature increases the danger of flooding, worse droughts, sea levels rises, and more intense rainfall and storms – all of which can radically change our ecosystems, and ways of lives from threats to food production, endangering species, and increased population migration.

Encouraging a circular economy fit for a sustainable future

One way to a more sustainable future – with reduced carbon intensity – is promoting the circular economy – in which materials are retained within a circular value chain and are not discarded after a single use. This solution-based approach is being encouraged by a growing number of countries, including France, Germany and Belgium, which are all becoming frontrunners in adopting sustainable solutions!

Aliaxis fully endorses this important message and, as part of its commitment to this agenda, is contributing to development of a growing circular economy through the increasing incorporation of recycled plastics into its products, thereby conserving reducing waste and emissions. Aliaxis France has already been recognised for its efforts in this area and other many other Aliaxis businesses are moving in the same direction.