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HomeTech is an environmentally friendly, high-performance wastewater system for the building industry, that demonstrates how the design and usage of our products can directly contribute to the development of circular economy at Aliaxis.

Buildings and construction contribute to between 35% and 40% of total Co2 emissions worldwide. To limit the threat of climate change, there is a growing consensus that building practices must be made more sustainable.

Our solution:

To address the sustainability issues facing the building industry, we have launched an award-winning, eco-designed piping solution. HomeTech, developed by Nicoll in France, is an innovative system that contains 20% recycled materials. Next to that, it is 100% recyclable, which means it can be retrieved and returned to the “circular economy” at the end of its lifecycle.

HomeTech isn’t just environmentally sustainable – the pipes and fittings across the range also benefit from an innovative design that reduces noise and increases building quality. Additionally, the product is fire resistant and easy to install, due to its adapted design.

How we do it:

The circular economy is most efficient when it makes use of local networks, thus reducing emissions created as a result of transport and logistics. Aliaxis Nicoll works directly with local suppliers to increase the use of recycled materials in our HomeTech products. This means that regeneration and recycling take place locally, without a need for long-haul material transportation.

​​​​​​​HomeTech pipes and fittings carry environmental, economic and commercial advantages, and pave a pathway for Aliaxis to continue innovating, which benefits the business and the circular economy.

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