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Being the clear #1 in global plastic pipework is so much more than a label we give ourselves. For instance, we need to be able to anticipate and respond to the challenges that come with growth, staying at least one step ahead to maintain our position as an industry leader.

Take the significant increase in sales we’ve experienced over the last few years for our PLX fuel conveyance pipework system as an example. We were definitely trending in the right direction with this product, but when new sales opportunities were identified, we had to make sure we could meet growing product demands without adversely affecting our margins or existing customers. It was my responsibility as Aliaxis UK’s Product Manager for Fuel Systems along with the team around me, to respond to the challenge effectively.
Our response involved looking inward to see if we could take advantage of the strength and versatility Aliaxis has as a group. We ended up working closely with group companies including Aliaxis Okondo in Spain, Aliaxis Mannheim in Germany, Aliaxis Panningen in The Netherlands and Aliaxis Goa in India to implement a complex transition project to update both the tooling and manufacturing capabilities of PLX.

Collaborating in this way allowed us to make use of existing production and fabrication facilities within the Aliaxis family, to deliver production improvements that enabled an increase in PLX capacity, while offering our customers an enhanced solution. In addition to the positive feedback we’ve received from both our customers and within our company, this project has contributed directly to the increase in PLX sales.

I really think this project reinforces the fact that we can achieve more together and that organic growth in the context of D.N.A. is something each of us can contribute to directly. It also serves as a reminder that our position as a leader is something that demands continuous effort to maintain.

By Rich Pedley
Product Manager – Fuel Systems, Aliaxis UK