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Greg, Manufacturing Excellence Manager based in Australia

I get to create things that have never existed before.

My job is about creating new ways to create and improve products with new materials & new processes and optimising & troubleshooting existing manufacturing processes. Making the business more sustainable with safer materials, more competitive with lower cost materials, more environmental using less plastic for the same function, and a stronger brand with final products that are focused on performance beyond conformance.

My job is like a giant 100 x 100 puzzle cube. It looks hard but with many smart people working together with systems, passion for making things better and having fun with “outside the cube” innovations – you can turn the world around. I get to create things that have never existed before or have never been understood before in the history of history.

Aliaxis is a great place to work because Aliaxis is reinventing & realigning itself all the time as well as its products and ways to make them. You have to be a shape-shifter and stay ahead of competitors by being smarter and having all those smart people pulling in the same best direction. Being given the tools and safe space to do something smart that leads to something successful that is recognised better than before and better than your competitors is a great place to work and play.

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