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It’s easy to Go for Zero when your entire team comes together to make your workplace safer. The Aliaxis Procurement team in Luxembourg witnessed this first-hand in July when we all took part in a two-day First-Aid Training. By law, only one person in our office needs to be certified in first aid, but given the opportunity, we agreed that it would be best if we all took part in the training, so we did!

For me personally, I used to work as a lifeguard, so I had a good idea of what to expect. That said, the hands-on training and practical knowledge we were exposed to was extensive, with a lot that can also be applied to our day-to-day lives. We covered topics like identifying, assessing and managing risks and emergency situations; understanding the cause of a fire and the different classes of fire; choosing and using the appropriate extinguisher to put a fire out; and much more.

Beyond strengthening our understanding of safety, the training was a great team building experience; it helped us bond and learn new things about each other, like skills, fears and life experiences. Plus, Howard Oakes, Aliaxis’ Global Head of Health, Safety, and Environment also took part in the training. It was great getting to know each other better, and I think the experience was really eye-opening for Howard, who noted that the ability to provide basic first aid and use a fire extinguisher are absolutely key life skills.

Indeed, everything we learned can be put to good use in our private lives, too. For instance, I have a diabetic friend who suffers from seizures and I’ve witness her having an episode without really knowing what to do. Our training taught me to be ready with a sort of check-list of things to ask her and to be better prepared in case she needs my help.

As far as the workplace is concerned, I would say that our Procurement team is now better equipped to be proactive about safety and take care of each other. The time and effort we’ve invested in this training is nothing compared to the ways it could help us in the future.

This project is an excellent example of cross-fertilisation and increases Aliaxis’ positive reputation in the hospital sector. It puts Aliaxis in a strong position for winning more renovation projects in Belgium and beyond.

By Diana Calinescu Vlad
Logistics and Packaging Procurement Category Manager EMEA