All together we are making big progress towards the future

Category: Employee stories, Date: 29 Jun 2019

Gianfranco, Export Sales Director based in Italy

Currently I am part of the new Aliaxis South Europe Export Team. I like to meet people, to connect with them, make new strong relationships… Making a good turnover is always pleasing for a sales man, but connecting with people and building good relationships with the customers is surely the most important aspect of my job. I like to know my customers in depth, to meet them, to be able to provide them with the solution for their needs, this is really fantastic. I like my job and every day when I wake up, I am happy to be doing it.

I am happy because I am working in a good local business, part of a very dynamic multinational company. Every day, Aliaxis shows initiative to grow, not only in turnover but also internally, as a structure, as one single company. The vision is very important. D.N.A. is a major step, and helped me in developing much better relationships with my colleagues in other local businesses. Integration is absolutely key.

Aliaxis is providing all of us with plenty of opportunities to be trained and improve our skills through Aliaxis University and real classroom trainings. The company is also giving us a lot of career opportunities, and this is what a dynamic sales man appreciates a lot. They also pay a lot of attention to safety, which is really important too. I am happy at Aliaxis and I am willing to grow together with the company. All together we are making big progress towards the future. Let’s make life flow!

Gianfranco, Export Area Sales Director based in Italy.


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