Friatec to become Aliaxis Germany

Category: Latest news, Press release, Date: 02 Dec 2019

Aliaxis is pleased to announce that Friatec GmbH, our established and credible German manufacturer of connection technology for piping systems, will be operating under the name “Aliaxis Deutschland GmbH”, effective December 1st, 2019.

This name change will allow the company to present itself as an integrated provider of solutions for the industry and infrastructure segments. This follows the merger in August this year with Akatherm FIP, another Aliaxis business selling plastic piping systems. Both companies became part of the global Aliaxis Group in 2003 and have been working together intensively ever since. As a result of the merger, we have pooled our experience and expertise even more strongly at the joint location in Mannheim, Germany.

Bettina Haag, Marketing Manager of Aliaxis Germany: “By rebranding ourselves as Aliaxis Germany, our goal is to offer the market stronger cooperation in development, planning, marketing, sales and service. One that is better and faster at meeting evolving needs. We are reinforcing our commitment to our customers, employees and business partners, which remains our highest priority.”

The existing company location in Mannheim will be retained and customers can continue to rely on the strengths of proven brands such as FRIATEC and FIP, as well as on the familiar contact persons.

Read the full press release here.

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