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Another big global challenge – next to the availability of potable water – is food. The amount of food that needs to be produced to feed a fast-growing population is huge and will only increase over the decades to come. This growth will put increasing pressure on the global food chain, so we have no choice but to rethink the way we produce, distribute and consume food. The challenges that await the food-producing sector, including agricultural businesses, are immense.

Efficient and sustainable agriculture will be key to securing our future and must be adopted now. Improving agricultural yields will be vital, and water management will play an essential role. As Aliaxis, we have capabilities that will help tackle this problem and deliver long-term solutions. Our agriculture segment addresses water management in the context of agricultural farming, including the irrigation of horticultural crops and watering systems for livestock.

We offer solutions that can help farmers to become more efficient. Because of the scale of our operations, Aliaxis is able to leverage all the relevant expertise we have developed in the area of agriculture. In a growing number of countries, we are now offering a full range of irrigation solutions – this entails consulting with individual farmers and farming companies, understanding their needs and then designing irrigation systems for them. We are capable of supplying all the products needed and installing full systems.
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