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The new Saint-Gobain Tower in the Paris business district of La Défense will reach 165 metres and will count 44 floors with 48,600 m² of office space. Because of their proven technical quality and aesthetic appeal, Aliaxis’ support frames were selected for plumbing, climate engineering and fire protection in the building.

Engie Axima, a subsidiary of the French utility company Engie, is responsible for climate engineering, plumbing and fire protection of the new Saint-Gobain Tower in Paris. It was looking for a partner to provide support frames for the building. The high technical quality of Aliaxis’ products, provided by our French team, spoke for itself and convinced Engie Axima to select our company as supplier. Our offer was ultimately tailormade specifically for this project, to meet all of the client’s requirements. Because the Tower is situated close to three other high-rise buildings in a very dense location, the project requires specific logistical measures in order to reduce storage problems and to avoid congestion, including strict delivery and unloading times.
The support frames were therefore produced at a specific height and with the tap on the right side to fit with the building’s design. Special packaging allowed for delivery on pallets, without any cardboard. The pallet with 14 support frames fits directly into the lift, so it can be delivered easily to the right floor and installed with no time lost in removing or disposing of unnecessary packaging.
Thus, Aliaxis has been able to offer an efficient, zero-waste solution that also optimises the time needed for installation. This project is the result of an intense process and strong commitment from the Aliaxis teams involved. They created a close relationship with Engie Axima, listening to the client’s needs during the whole preparatory and building process.