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La Palma is a small village in the Chalatenango department of El Salvador. Here Aliaxis contributed to a project to improve living conditions for 62 families by providing better access to clean water. The company also works to strengthen the organisation of local housing cooperatives.

Many families in poor rural villages in Latin America have no access to drinking water. As a result, they live in deteriorating conditions and sometimes sink further into poverty. Through the NGO Selavip, Aliaxis is contributing to changing the lives of rural families. Over the past year this organization has supported projects in Chile, Honduras and El Salvador.
In El Salvador, a project was started in La Palma to connect villagers to clean water supplies. Members of the 62 beneficiary families all helped to drill a water well and construct a drinking water system. Water is drawn from the bottom of the well through a pipeline up to an elevated storage tank, holding some 50 m3. This supplies all 62 family homes with water.

Before construction started, the families were trained in how to help organise, plan and execute the building. In this way, the family members were able to improve their skills and learn how to organise a project together. This strengthened the functioning of the local Housing Cooperatives for Mutual Help.