Construction of the new Champlain bridge in Montreal: Aliaxis contributes to architectural masterpiece

Category: Projects, Date: 08 Aug 2018

50 million cars, buses and trucks cross Montreal’s Champlain Bridge each year, making it one of North America’s busiest. As well as serving local commuters, the bridge is a vital for freight transportation between Canada and the United States. All this traffic took its toll on the original structure, and in 2015 work started on a new bridge for delivery by the end of 2018.

Few people can claim to have witnessed the construction of a large-scale bridge in a major metropolis. History is today being written before our very eyes, with the help of our IPEX teams – part of the Aliaxis family. The new bridge incorporates architectural quality and features that enhance Montreal’s cityscape and contribute to the corridor’s status as the main gateway to the city. At the same time, a corridor is reserved for public transit and a safe, accessible multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists is provided.

3D render new Champlain bridge in Montreal

IPEX provides 3.4km of pipes

As well as implementing rigorous measures to protect the surrounding environment, the consortium behind the project insisted on IPEX products for all project drainage pipes. PVC is the material of choice since it is light, robust and easy to install, while its corrosion resistance is essential for a structure intended to last 125 years.

Longitudinal drainage over 3.4 km will be provided by the DR-21 IPSOD PVC SERIES pipe and fittings system, chosen for its ability to maintain a pressure of 200 psi, as well as its range of diameters up to 600 mm to meet all needs. In addition to providing a seamless seal, the rubber trims will compensate for the expansion and contraction caused by significant temperature changes in the Canadian climate.

44 of the bridge’s 76 pillars rise above the sea. They will be drained vertically by IPEX System 15 PVC conduits with glued joints – the solvent contains PVC in its liquid state and, once assembled, the pipe sections become a single entity. As they have identical dimensions to DR21 ducts, connections between the two piping systems are simple, fast and efficient.

This project represents more than $3 million in pipes and fittings for IPEX: it is an opportunity for Aliaxis to contribute to an architectural masterpiece that will provide a majestic entrance to the metropolis of Montreal for the next decades.

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