Revolutionary high-rise venting system for renowned Panama developer

Pacific Hills, a leading real estate developer in Panama, is constantly researching high-performing solutions for its many projects. For its latest project, the Pacific Park Towers residential development, the company implemented the Studor Positive Air Pressure Attenuator (P.A.P.A.), a revolutionary venting solution from the Aliaxis portfolio. Expert in drainage ventilation systems Studor is part of [...]

“A high level of technical support and service is key”

For 10 years now Aliaxis has been supplying plastic piping solutions for the installations of the Russian chemical manufacturing plant JSC Kaustik in Volgograd, which is part of the NIKOCHEM Group. This long-term partnership  is the result of a continuous and close collaboration on product specifications with the technical engineers of JSC Kaustik and their [...]

M.P. Ceramics finds supportive partner in Ashirvad – Outstanding service and additional marketing support

"It is the only company with sufficient capacity and an excellent supply chain that enables us to guarantee product deliveries to our end clients”, Mr Shyamlal, Managing Director at M.P. Ceramics Founded in 1996, M.P. Ceramics is one of the largest distributors of piping systems in Bangalore, India. For 22 years now, the company has [...]

Deep sea travel with Aliaxis

May 2018 saw the inauguration of the expansion of the largest aquarium in Europe. Dedicated to the high seas ecosystem, Boulogne Sur Mer’s Nausicaa in the north of France is a real technical and bio-marine achievement. The fourth largest aquarium in the world, it welcomes manta rays, sharks and other exotic fish. The challenge was [...]

Clean water for all people on this planet

Water is essential to life on Earth. It is thanks to water that 7 billion people are currently able to live on this planet and call it home. But as our population is increasing, access to clean water for everyone is posing ever greater challenges. This is the area where the Aliaxis' Water Treatment segment [...]

Marine segment develops sinks and piping systems for STX Cabins

A cruise ship is nothing less than a gigantic floating luxury hotel. It can have up to 3,000 cabins, each with their own toilet, sink and shower or bath. Tourists can pamper themselves in dozens of wellness centres and each deck has multiple heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools. On these ships, it is vital [...]

12 km of pipes for the new Liège hospital building

Scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2018, the new Liège hospital building (Liège, Belgium) will provide 700 beds to house a new integrated oncology centre and 7 analysis laboratories. Its 17 floors require a total of 12 km of pipes for hot and cold water, as well as diverter valves and backwater [...]

Giving 76 families in Honduras access to drinking water

Aliaxis supports Fundación Cerro Verde in drilling water wells in poor, rural regions. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world with approximately 63% of its population living below the poverty line and over 600,000 people across the country lacking access to drinking water. This past year, Aliaxis was proud to have been [...]

Aliaxis equips new Justice & Emergency Services Precinct in Christchurch

The first major public building to be rebuilt in the city of Christchurch following the devastating earthquakes of 2011 is the new Justice & Emergency Services Precinct. This 300 million dollar project is led by New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice. The Marley New Zealand team supplied the Akasison Siphonic Drainage system for this prestigious project. [...]

Aliaxis becomes permanent reference for temporary swimming pools

After equipping all 18 swimming facilities in the Rio Olympic village, Aliaxis’ Italian business FIP was also selected by our client Myrtha Pools to equip three temporary pools for the FINA World Swimming Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The Championships took place in April 2017 in the City Park of Budapest. To compensate for the poor [...]

New Maxicoil® System makes large coils up to 2,000 meters possible

With the Maxicoil® System, coiling of pipes is possible in longer lengths and larger inside diameters. In October 2016, the Australian Aliaxis business Vinidex successfully installed its new Maxicoil® System in the field at one of the Gladstone LNG (GLNG) projects. This is one of Australia’s three major projects for coal seam gas (CSG) conversion [...]

Durman develops automated irrigation system for large-scale banana plantations

Durman developed an automated system for one of the largest irrigation projects in Colombia. This Aliaxis business in Latin America delivered materials for a complete irrigation system and offered permanent technical support for a plantation of 630 Ha growing bananas for export. Located in Magdalena, the plantation needed subfoliar irrigation for its banana plants. Durman [...]

Rio 2016 Olympics choose FIP valves for swimming pools

The 2016 Olympic Games have started and we’ve enjoyed swimming records being broken almost on a daily basis! And these records have been established in high-tech, Italian pools. The Rio 2016 Olympics partnered with an Italian specialist company to equip all 18 swimming facilities in the Olympic village with state-of-the-art pool technology and valves of [...]