Do the Mahi at Mahia Housekeeping Day

By Tony Peters Auckland Warehouse Operator We all want to take pride in our workplace and ensure that we make every effort to keep our entire site organised and in good working condition. For our team at Marley/Dux Auckland, having a tidy site is part of what makes Aliaxis the best place to work, and [...]

Because we have more than one reason to return home safely

By Luis Pinto Supply Chain Supervisor Aliaxis Colombia There’s nothing more important than family, and I know each one of us would do just about anything to make sure our family members are safe and healthy. Taking care of our beloved ones is important to everyone at Aliaxis. That’s why always being in Go for [...]

Taking the time to put our people first

By Pedro Francisco López Health and Safety Manager Aliaxis Spain When we talk about ‘Go for Zero’ it’s so much more than just tracking numbers and improving safety performance on paper; it’s about our people and making sure that we look out for each other. As Aliaxis Spain’s Health and Safety Manager, one of my [...]

Aliaxis Announces Agreement to Acquire Silver-Line Plastics to Expand North American Portfolio

Aliaxis SA, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems, and its North American subsidiary IPEX have announced today an agreement to acquire Silver-Line Plastics, a US leader in the manufacturing of plastic pipe products. The sale is subject to conditions precedent and regulatory approval. Both parties agree not to [...]

Better living conditions for 62 families in El Salvador

La Palma is a small village in the Chalatenango department of El Salvador. Here Aliaxis contributed to a project to improve living conditions for 62 families by providing better access to clean water. The company also works to strengthen the organisation of local housing cooperatives. Many families in poor rural villages in Latin America have [...]

World Environment Day: how we make a difference

Today is World Environment Day, an initiative from the United Nations that was launched in 1974. It is dedicated to encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. This year the focus is on air pollution.   Did you know … 92% of people worldwide breathe polluted air, of which 7 million people die [...]

Bringing high-rise drainage solutions to the next level: Aliaxis and Heriot Watt University sign research agreement

On May 8th, Aliaxis signed a 3-year research agreement with the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh (UK). Over the years Heriot Watt University has built up its reputation as the most knowledgeable scientific institute in the world in the field of building drainage systems. The purpose of this scientific research is to understand how trap [...]

Aliaxis Annual General Meeting 2019

On Wednesday 22 May 2019, Aliaxis SA held its Annual General Meeting. If you are an Aliaxis SA shareholder and would like to receive access to the presentation material, please contact Ms. Sigrid Roovers: sroovers(at)

Chemical & Mining: complete and multi-material solutions save costs and guarantee extended purity and safety

Chemicals and minerals are essential elements found everywhere in our daily life: they are present in electronic devices, (electric) cars, and even in toothpaste and deodorants. For the industries producing all those hazardous products, safety and purity are top priorities. With its multi-material portfolio of products, Aliaxis offers complete system solutions, as explained by Amedeo [...]

Go for Zero: working together to eliminate risks at work

There are many pockets of good practice in health and safety throughout Aliaxis, but until recently, these have remained with the local teams in different divisions. By identifying those good practices and sharing them more broadly, we significantly improve our performance. Therefore, we want to draw on a common and strong group commitment to care [...]

Sunil Banthiya, COO, drives Ashirvad towards a customer-centric supply chain

Sunil Banthiya, Chief Operations Officer Sunil Banthiya came on board as Chief Operations Officer during the transition of Ashirvad to Aliaxis, together with Managing Director Deepak Mehrotra. He focuses on the company’s entire supply chain management: procurement, production planning, logistics and distribution. “Ensuring business continuity during the transition was a key priority,” he says. Business [...]

Managing Director at Ashirvad, Deepak Mehrotra, looks back on a positive transition journey

“We have a very strong connection with plumbers and installers, who see Ashirvad as the go-to brand for any solution in the building market.”Deepak Mehrotra, Managing Director Deepak Mehrotra was appointed Managing Director of Ashirvad on 5 July 2018, when Aliaxis acquired full ownership of the Indian company. He has taken the 2,200 Ashirvad employees [...]

The story behind our new logo

In a rapidly changing world, with a growing population and a changing climate, water is key. Being one of the most precious resources on our planet, we must radically change the way we use water. As a global industry leader that connects people with water and energy, Aliaxis is ready to take up this challenge [...]

Manage water for better high-rise living

By 2025, the world will likely see 35 more megacities with over 10 million people, many of them living in high-rise buildings ranging from 12 to over 100 stories. When the daily routines of up to 1,000 residents coincide, many litres of water can be discharged simultaneously into the drainage system creating pressure spikes. The [...]

Our commitment to the environment

Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs) represent a strategic project in the domain of Aliaxis’ environmental care. As a growing number of administrations and clients would like to be fully aware of the sustainable characteristics of the products they are purchasing and because we want to analyse how we can further improve our products, we created an [...]