COVID-19 News update

Encouraging financial performance and reassuring liquidity position in H1 2020 in a challenging COVID-19 environment. Continued focus on people and health, supported by effective crisis management. Brussels - August 3, 2020 – Aliaxis SA (‘Aliaxis’, ‘the Group’ or ‘the Company’), a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems, today publishes [...]

Aliaxis’ response to COVID-19: stronger together!

We are now several weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on people, communities and the economy is cutting deep across the globe. While different regions are going through various stages of the crisis, we are fundamentally facing the same challenge: to weather this storm, protect our family, friends and colleagues and make sure [...]

How Aliaxis is responding to today’s climate challenges

Climate change is affecting us all, our health, our homes, our cities. Measures we take today to mitigate the risks will help reduce the threat not just from extreme weather conditions, but also loss of crops, water scarcity and pollution, and disease. The reason we need to act now is shown in the mounting scientific [...]

If you want to help the planet, consider a career as an engineer

Heriot-Watt University (HWU) in Edinburgh, Scotland is globally recognised as the leading expert in drainage solutions.  We asked Dr Michael Gormley, Associate Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Building Design, for his perspective on the challenges the world faces on World Water Day. This year’s World Water Day sadly coincides with the biggest public health [...]

On World Water Day, let’s tackle the grand challenges of urban public health and impact of climate change

Heriot-Watt University (HWU) in Edinburgh, Scotland is globally recognised as the leading expert in drainage solutions. We asked Dr Michael Gormley, Associate Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Building Design, for his perspective on the challenges the world faces on World Water Day: This year’s World Water Day has a global warming theme and, rightly [...]

Aliaxis teams connect local communities to clean water

Aliaxis believes in a better world… and it considers access to water and sanitation as core building blocks for this. Bringing both core business and corporate responsibility together on a practical level can yield very tangible results. Several countries worked together with the Brussels-based SELAVIP Foundation to support a number of projects in Latin America [...]

World Water Day & Covid-19: we all have a role to play!

This Sunday, March 22nd is United Nations World Water Day. A time when the world comes together to focus on the urgent global issues of water and sanitation. The coronavirus outbreak reminds us that access to clean water is vital for preventing diseases. Without water, life is simply impossible. Our energies are rightly focused [...]

Doing our part to make a difference

By Gordon Lefort Director Product Management, Canada There’s nothing that brings people in Canada together like hockey. It really is our universal language. That’s why when our distribution partner Next Plumbing Supply invited us to join a road hockey fundraiser organised by the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Centre in Toronto, we just couldn’t pass up [...]

Paying Attention to Details to Get Ahead

By Ravi Jebakumar Head of Operations, Ashirvad Pipes, India There’s so much to consider when it comes to positioning Aliaxis as a market leader. To me, there are two leadership traits that are worth considering: depending on the situation a good leader must be able to take a step back and see the bigger picture [...]

Friatec to become Aliaxis Germany

Aliaxis is pleased to announce that Friatec GmbH, our established and credible German manufacturer of connection technology for piping systems, will be operating under the name “Aliaxis Deutschland GmbH”, effective December 1st, 2019. This name change will allow the company to present itself as an integrated provider of solutions for the industry and infrastructure segments. [...]

Thinking like an industry leader

By Rich Pedley Product Manager – Fuel Systems, Aliaxis UK Being the clear #1 in global plastic pipework is so much more than a label we give ourselves. For instance, we need to be able to anticipate and respond to the challenges that come with growth, staying at least one step ahead to maintain our position [...]

Join the Aliaxis Global ERP Program Team!

We are launching our biggest program ever and we want you on our team! Since its foundation in 2003, Aliaxis has primarily operated as a holding company, owning a series of businesses throughout the world. Companies within the group operated independently, focussing on their market, products and customers. This model has delivered strong and consistent [...]

Going above and beyond to put our people first

By Diana Calinescu Vlad Logistics and Packaging Procurement Category Manager EMEA It’s easy to Go for Zero when your entire team comes together to make your workplace safer. The Aliaxis Procurement team in Luxembourg witnessed this first-hand in July when we all took part in a two-day First-Aid Training. By law, only one person in [...]

Evolving with a view to meeting customer needs

By Iván Javier Páez Prieto Design Engineer and Specifier We only win if our customers win. If you think about it for a moment it’s actually an ‘all or nothing’ situation, which is why our success depends largely on understanding our customers and being able to anticipate and meet their needs. In Colombia, our team [...]

Building bridges while strengthening customer relationships

By Amine Akabli Technical representative, Municipal systems The bridge metaphor works well (due to its simplicity). Bridges connect people and facilitate the exchange of bright ideas and innovative solutions. It's a great way to think about how we value our customers and strive to connect with them to win. However, building a bridge with customers [...]

Do the Mahi at Mahia Housekeeping Day

By Tony Peters Auckland Warehouse Operator We all want to take pride in our workplace and ensure that we make every effort to keep our entire site organised and in good working condition. For our team at Marley/Dux Auckland, having a tidy site is part of what makes Aliaxis the best place to work, and [...]

Because we have more than one reason to return home safely

By Luis Pinto Supply Chain Supervisor Aliaxis Colombia There’s nothing more important than family, and I know each one of us would do just about anything to make sure our family members are safe and healthy. Taking care of our beloved ones is important to everyone at Aliaxis. That’s why always being in Go for [...]