Aliaxis in the Netherlands embarks on its journey as a new brand

By Danielle Colleye Marketing Director Benelux This 24 September, Akatherm B.V. was officially rebranded as Aliaxis Nederland B.V. The news reflects all the hard work that has gone into making this transition a success and marks the beginning of an exciting new era for our colleagues in the Netherlands. I also see this rebrand as [...]

Lending a helping hand to promote inclusion in Italy

By Maurizio Carano Marketing Director Italy Our commitment to care value has been in the spotlight since the onset of the pandemic. I think that promoting and living this value is a great way to support one another as well as the communities in which we live and work. We have engaged in a variety [...]

Building our reputation with a high-profile customer in Greece

By Pavlos Varvaras Head of Sales & Marketing, Aliaxis Greece Winning together with our customers is what sets Aliaxis apart from the competition and what allows us to be a leader in global plastic piping. I think it’s even more convincing to win together with a high-profile customer that can bring us more visibility and [...]

Running a Commitment to Care Marathon

By Linda Tucker National Marketing Communications Coordinator Running has been a big part of my life over many years. Before the pandemic forced us into restrictions here in Melbourne, Australia I was lucky enough to have competed in a number of running events ranging from 15 to 56km distances, achieving a few podium finishes along [...]

Connecting through the Aliaxis Athletes Club

By Erko Luck Infrastructure Segment Manager DCH - Marketing For the longest time I’ve been using work-related meetings, conventions and trade shows as an opportunity to connect with colleagues and take part in sports activities together. With the pandemic affecting travel around the world, these types of opportunities are no longer readily available. Thankfully, the [...]

The Aliaxis Athletes Club: we’re stronger together

By Federico Boccardo Specification and Pull Manager Building Iberia Though our commitment to care value has always been an integral part of the Aliaxis identity, I believe this value has become even more significant in the context of the global pandemic. In Iberia, where I serve as the Transformation and Commercial Excellence lead for South [...]

Aliaxis Athletes Club: Flexing our commitment to care muscles

By Jan Treiber Segment Manager Industry, Germany Aliaxis’ commitment to care has taken on new meaning since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. From adapting workplaces to ensure the safety of our people to supporting frontline workers in our communities and so much more, it’s been inspiring to see this value materialise in so many [...]

Supporting the work of our healthcare heroes at the NHS

By Warwick Gaskill Head of Specification & Projects Sales - Building Services & Industry  Being able to mobilise quickly to curb the spread of coronavirus has been critical for governments around the world. Every minute matters and being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Here in the UK, our National Health Service (NHS) [...]

Staying connected when it matters most

By Mabel Uribes HR Director Spanish version below The coronavirus pandemic has redefined the concept of uncertain times, which has made responding to it a unique challenge for everyone. Across Aliaxis Iberia we knew that we had to maintain the connection our people have under normal circumstances while providing additional support to account for this unprecedented situation. [...]

Making heroes of our customers in the UK during the pandemic

By Mike Williams Infrastructure Sales Manager The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced how our products can improve people’s lives. Plus, Aliaxis’ continued ability to support our customers when they need us most makes for a winning combination. Here in the UK, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to essential projects geared toward managing the pandemic. One [...]

Rolling-out Aliaxis’ Safe Restart project around the globe

By Rob Matthews Head of Health & Safety EMEA The coronavirus has forced us to rethink our approach to health and safety at Aliaxis. After all, a global pandemic isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you consider health and safety in the workplace. Still, many of us working in this area [...]

Bringing more value to customers in Iberia during COVID-19

By David Mata Iberia Marketing Director Spanish version below Aliaxis Iberia has responded to the global coronavirus pandemic with creative solutions aimed at staying connected to customers, stakeholders and our own people. The idea has been to show our support and care while adding value, even amid difficult circumstances. From a customer and stakeholder perspective, [...]

Putting Alicante’s expertise to work for our community during COVID-19

By Pedro Fransisco Lopez Aliaxis Spain Spanish version below Across the world, our expertise and manufacturing capabilities have put Aliaxis in a position to extend our commitment to care to the communities in which we operate. With Spain being among the hardest-hit countries during the coronavirus pandemic, our team at Aliaxis Alicante wanted to ensure [...]

Adaptability, versatility and teamwork at Aliaxis Sanit during COVID-19

By Baysan Murat SWAT-team Aliaxis Sanit, Germany German version below The on-going coronavirus situation has highlighted the importance of being able to adapt to new situations. To me, the process of adapting to new work-related challenges is much easier if we operate as one team working together. This has been our approach at Aliaxis Sanit [...]

Innovating to respond to new sanitization needs in El Salvador during COVID-19

By Jose Ernesto Escobar Canales Country Manager, El Salvador Spanish version below Like most businesses across El Salvador, operations at our Durman by Aliaxis site are on hold as part of the government-imposed lockdown. Around the world, these lockdowns are helping to ease the strain on healthcare facilities while giving scientists and medical professionals time [...]

Bringing some simplicity to unfamiliar health and safety practices during COVID-19

By Ralf Makowski Technical Manager, Ipex North America French version below Despite being relatively straightforward, physical distancing guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus aren’t always easy to follow. Our basic social instincts are to hug our friends and family, or shake hands with colleagues – and somehow our faces become itchy as soon as [...]

Mobilising to save lives in Guatemala during COVID-19

By Teddy Estuardo Lemcke Porras Country Manager, Guatemala Spanish version below Government-mandated lockdowns to slow the spread of coronavirus have impacted our operations across Central America. Here in Guatemala, the government called on us to support the establishment of a temporary hospital to care for COVID-19 patients. It was an opportunity to make a real [...]