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Winning together with our customers is what sets Aliaxis apart from the competition and what allows us to be a leader in global plastic piping. I think it’s even more convincing to win together with a high-profile customer that can bring us more visibility and access to large-scale projects. This was the opportunity we had at Aliaxis Greece, where we partnered with Fraport to supply an Akasison Siphonic System for the Kos International Airport.

​​​​​​​Fraport Greece is the operator and manager of 14 Greek airports. The company is currently rolling-out a modernisation programme at each one of these airports. When we got word of this huge undertaking we started visiting various consulting companies to understand the scope and needs of each project. After some digging, we learned of plans to install a siphonic system at the airport on the Island of Kos.

We saw this project as a strategic opportunity to connect with an important customer. Moreover, Aliaxis Greece has been emphasising the importance of developing strong project specifications for some time, and this was our chance to do just that. Being part of the project was a pretty ambitious goal given our competition, but we were eager to connect with the customer, understand the project needs and offer valuable solutions.

With a comprehensive project specification on the table, we started delivering the Akasison Siphonic System in March 2019 – installation was completed this September. We visited the airport throughout the project to ensure a smooth process and offer support in overcoming technical issues. Having a great solution and the technical knowhow needed to fully support the project positioned us to go above and beyond for the customer. In fact, winning together with Fraport on the Kos International Airport project has already led to new opportunities. We have since won two more siphonic system projects – one at the Athens International Airport and another for a logistics warehouse. Momentum is on our side and we expect to be part of more Fraport projects in the near future.

By Pavlos Varvaras
Head of Sales & Marketing, Aliaxis Greece