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On May 8th, Aliaxis signed a 3-year research agreement with the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh (UK). Over the years Heriot Watt University has built up its reputation as the most knowledgeable scientific institute in the world in the field of building drainage systems.

The purpose of this scientific research is to understand how trap seals can be better protected in high-rise drainage systems. Trap seals are essential for securing the comfort (e.g. prevent unpleasant smells) and health & safety (e.g. prevent cross-contamination of viruses) in drainage systems of tall buildings. The scope of the project will be both conventional (passive) drainage technology and innovative (active) drainage technology.

Studor, which Aliaxis acquired in 2017, developed the concept of Active Drainage Ventilation, based on their scientific research on the influence of so-called “transient pressures” on the trap seals in a tall building. This new research agreement will help us further develop and strengthen our technical leadership in High-Rise Buildings.