Global Health, Safety and Environmental Awards

Health & Safety Awards Winner #1: Wellness Programme, Costa Rica

The Aliaxis Global Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Awards were held for the first time ever in 2019. This internal competition strives to recognise and encourage the proactive efforts of individual businesses to improve Health & Safety within Aliaxis. Howard Oakes, Global Head of HSE: “We can learn so much from each other, so we are always looking for ways to encourage and facilitate good practice sharing across the Group. The Global HSE Awards are a great tool to support this goal.”

The first winner of these awards was the wellness programme the Costa Rican team developed. The wellness programme comprises a range of initiatives, that serve one objective: to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle that supports the mental and physical health of employees and their families.

My best career 

The programme is not only aimed at current employees but also provides support to retired staff. “To support our retired team members, we collaborated with a psychologist”, explains Gabriela Meza, Director HR of Aliaxis Latin-America. “We developed “Mi major Carrera” (my best career), a programme to support all life changes related to the retirement process.”

Fitness training 

Gabriela Meza: “On top of that, we implemented functional fitness training sessions available to all employees, as well as an athletics programme. Regular physical activity has great benefits and we want to motivate our employees to implement regular activity in their lives.”

Ergonomic therapy 

Last but not least, the team also provides a programme focused on musculoskeletal diseases. “Work incidents can sometimes result in injuries to muscles and ligaments. This programme, which includes both workplace ergonomics and physical therapy, is designed to minimise the risk of back pain, tendinitis, etc. The activities are based on the Groups Global HSE Standards”, Gabriela says.  

“Our wellness programme achievements are evident from the many successful stories of employees who have been able to develop a healthy lifestyle”, Gabriela concludes.

Award from the government 

Aliaxis wasn’t the only one to recognise the Durman Wellness Programme. The Costa Rican government also gave the team an award and offered reduced pricing to help with the purchase of further medical equipment to continue the development of our programme.


The second and third winner of the first Global Health, Safety and Environment Awards were respectively the Traffic Light Concept (Perth, Australia) and Workplace Transport (Aliaxis Huntingdon, UK).