Cross-fertilisation strengthens our businesses

People are the key to our success. We aim to create an agile and efficient organisation that enables all employees to work towards one shared goal: to build a future as one Aliaxis. Part of our culture is to stimulate employees from all around the world to exchange best practices and to work together on developing the best possible products and solutions for our customers.

Some 2019 highlights:  

  1. PVC aerators
    Ashirvad developed an aerator for the for the high-rise and multi-storey segment in Australia and New Zealand. Marley leads the marketing and packaging, while Vinidex is leading the technical aspects.

  2. Rain gutters
    Ashirvad is getting ready to launch a new rainwater system for the Indian market in 2020, with technical support form Marley that also reviewed the design and co-developed the product. A similar collaboration happened between IPEX and Durman in the Americas.

  3. PVC-M and PVC-O pipes
    Vinidex in Australia delivered 10 containers of PVC-M and PVC-O pipes to Marley in New Zealand for one of Marley’s customers. Quite an undertaking as the large pipes had to cross the sea between Australia and New Zealand and had to arrive without a scratch. With the help of prefabricated slider frames, the pipes were lifted into a container with a forklift.  Special dunnage and chocking made sure each pipe would arrive undamaged, which also happened.
  4. StormPro
    After the PCV-M and PVCV-O project, a similar project was undertaken with the StormPro pipes. With secure loading and dunnage of the containers, and the pipes being packed with wooden and foam dividers, Vinidex succeeded again to deliver the pipes undamaged across the ditch. All departments of Vinidex needed to come together and work closely with Marley to make this project a success.

  5. Compakt boss gully trap
    The Compakt boss gully trap was developed by Marley for the New Zealand market, with a view to also launch in Australia in 2020. The technical knowledge at Vinidex and Marley was combined to design and test this compact trap.

  6. Surface drainage
    A collaborative project between Dux, Philmac and Marley, aimed at developing a new surface drainage range for Dux, to be manufactured at Philmac, and culminating in the transitioning of the existing Marley surface drainage range over to Dux (including the Nicoll Connecto range) to give Dux a market leading offer in surface drainage and enabling them to spearhead a focused sales effort to grow share in the New Zealand market for Aliaxis.

  7. Development of a one-piece valve
    IPEX invested in moulds and technology to create a new type of one-piece CPVC-valve, a technology previously not available within AliaxisIPEX partnered with Italian sister company FIP who completed the development work. This new small diameter valves launched in North America in September 2019.  This new spin-welding technology does not only allow FIP to supply IPEX with the valves as initially intended, but FIP can now also leverage these assets in the development of other valves for sale globally.
  8. Improvement process condition of extrusion pipes
    LATAM teams provided technical support to MASA (Spain), in order to improve process conditions in Extrusion PE pipes, with a focus on scrap reduction and overweight control.

  9. 3D printed injection moulds
    The North American R&D team manufactured 3D printed injection moulds for Aliaxis R&D and Aliaxis Germany to expedite their own product development.
  10. CPVC development
    The North American R&D team provided guidance to India on CPVC development and helped to define their proposed R&D Centre capabilities.
  11. Support on design of new shower drain
    The North American R&D team supported APAC with the design of a new shower drain for modular construction.
  12. Gasketed fittings
    SE21+ gasketed fittings for municipal water service piping were introduced to Costa Rica in 2019. These fittings provide an opportunity for Durman Costa Rica to be unique in the market offering an improved solution for water service systemsGasketed fittings are easier and faster to install, provide watertight connections and allow the system to be operational immediately after installation.
  13. Developing formulation to save raw material
    The Latin American division worked on formulation development in order to generate raw materials savings with technical support from IPEX.