Aliaxis strengthens leadership with new Executive Committee

The process of becoming One Aliaxis implies that we are aligning brands, product offering, processes and teams. The whole company is in transition, and this also applies to the leadership teams. In order to increase the speed of performance and deliver our transformation strategy globally, in 2019 the decision was taken to strengthen Aliaxis’ leadership set-up by creating an Executive Committee.

After defining our common Aliaxis vision and strategy, our focus this past year was on forging ahead with implementing our strategy, delivering the full impact we need to achieve our goals and putting the countries – where the heart of our business lies – in the best position to succeed.

To maximise these efforts, we have further strengthened the company’s leadership set-up and made it fit for purpose for the next part of our journey. As a result, we now have an Executive Committee (ExCom) alongside our Global Leadership Team (GLT).

Optimised way of working

This optimised way of working allows us to strengthen our focus on operations as well as on customers and growth. We will also improve delivery by being more decisive and responsive, with aligned functions and a transversal approach driving our global transformation.

As the key decision-making body in Aliaxis, the ExCom is responsible for driving performance, increasing speed of implementation and focusing all efforts on the right priorities in a coordinated approach across roles and continents.

The GLT provides the Executive Committee with expert advice and market perspectives. It oversees execution of the decisions, passes on information, ensures alignment and mobilises everyone in the organisation across the globe.

The ExCom and GLT work closely together to ensure bold decision making and strong alignment as well as fast implementation in every part of the business.