Aliaxis & Me: Global Engagement Survey

Three years into its transformation, Aliaxis held its first “Aliaxis & Me” global engagement survey, in April 2019. All 16,000 Aliaxis employees and temporary workers worldwide were invited to participate and share their opinion.

The survey covered 70 questions on engagement, leadership, management, communication, operating efficiency, teamwork and collaboration, customer focus, innovation, empowerment, performance management, training and development , safety and well-being at work.

High engagement score

Overall, there was a participation rate of 69% and an average engagement score of 79%. For a company in full transformation, this is a strong basis on which to build. Employees across all divisions also left 6,000 comments and questions, which is well above the industry benchmark. For a first survey, these are encouraging results.

Globally, Aliaxis is doing well in four key areas. These are strengths that should be nurtured and developed further:

  • Good empowerment

Overall, people feel they have the authority to do their jobs well, and they are willing to go the extra mile in helping the company succeed.

  • Operating efficiency

Aliaxis is in line with the industry norm in terms of an effective and efficient company structure and processes.

  • Direct manager

Overall, direct managers receive a good score, although they can still improve in their feedback role.

  • Engagement level

People are committed and have a strong emotional connection to the company. ​

5 challenges to tackle

But we also registered some challenges. The survey results identify five areas where improvement is needed:

  • Leadership

While people appreciate their direct manager and feel empowered, they expect more proximity, care and understanding from their leadership. There is a need for clearer priorities and faster decision-making.

  • Customer-centricity

The customer should be closer to the employees. Many people want to see the impact of their work on their customers.

  • Safety

Multiple actions are already in place, but they still need to be improved. Well-being and safety in manufacturing should become one of the priorities.

  • Corporate Responsibility

Aliaxis needs to take a stronger stance on corporate responsibility and environment, with more focus on purpose.

  • Learning & Development

People want better learning & development opportunities, so they can grow and build their capabilities.

Steps to improve Health & Safety

​Aliaxis employees identified Safety, Customer-centricity and Leadership as the three top areas of concern. Since 2018, Aliaxis has been taking serious steps to improve Health & Safety with the implementation of seven Global Standards of Safety and the ‘Go for Zero’ tagline. The Group is also focusing on winning together with customers and has made considerable changes in leadership and management in 2019.

Time for action

A first presentation with the results was made during the CEO Talks in June. By the end of September, all sites had organised a town-hall meeting so that every participant could learn more about local results. After that, it was time for action. Each site created its dedicated plan to work on the key challenges raised in the survey. All locations will take appropriate measures around the three priority topics, complemented by actions on two to three other issues that are most relevant to them. 2020 will be the year of the implementation.

A second survey will be organised in April 2021 to record progress.