Because we have more than one reason to return home safely

Category: News, Date: 08 Oct 2019

By Luis Pinto
Supply Chain Supervisor Aliaxis Colombia

There’s nothing more important than family, and I know each one of us would do just about anything to make sure our family members are safe and healthy. Taking care of our beloved ones is important to everyone at Aliaxis. That’s why always being in Go for Zero mode is so important. And let’s not forget that the special people in our lives want us to be safe too.

Last July, the Aliaxis Colombia team decided to bridge the gap between safety in our personal and professional lives while challenging everyone to strengthen our safety culture. We ended up inviting our family members on-site for a day full of activities focused on raising safety awareness. Over 40 children between the ages of 4 and 12 participated during the day, where a group of safety coaches led them through a variety of activities.

For many of us the day reflected Aliaxis’ commitment to care, and we are proud to be part of a company where family is so important. As for our little visitors, more than a few of the children told us they wanted to be part of our team when they get older. For me personally, seeing our children dressed in protective gear highlighted how important it is for us to use this gear to ensure we get home safe every day.

Having our families come to our workplace to learn about safety reminded everyone that we need to be proactive about staying safe and taking caring of each other, just like a family, because each one of us has someone to come home to and often their wellbeing depends on our own wellbeing.

This initiative was yet another example proving that Aliaxis is indeed the best place to work, and steps are being taken to implement the program throughout the Latin America region.

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