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Our instincts always tell us to come together in times of crisis. However, when the crisis in question requires physical distancing, the focus must shift to a different kind of unity. This has been the case for Aliaxis across the world, and it’s no different here in India.

We’re using this time to double up on our commitment to our people, build rapport with stakeholders across the value chain and support local communities through a three-pronged approach. This is under our Ashirvad Cares program focusing on outreach, engagement and impact.

First, I would point out that our local Crisis Management Team is playing a key role in sharing evolving, timely, government-directives based information and keeping lines of communication open. The team serves as a bridge between our people and management, providing regular updates as the current situation unfolds. Moreover, they are doing tremendous work to roll out new health and safety measures and actively contributing to our ‘SAFE Against COVID-19’ multi-channel communications campaign to dispel myths and spread awareness about Ashirvad’s preparedness in fighting this war.

We are also ensuring that our high-energy colleagues are kept engaged with immersive learning, professional development and some entertainment while working from home (WFH). WFH is a first for many in Ashirvad and I am happy to see our people adapting to the situation well while being deeply involved in our Ashirvad Cares program. Colleagues attend a variety of webinars and e-workshops to upskill/reskill while learning more about our business. There is respite with fun quizzes and sketch contests.

I am particularly proud of the initiatives we’ve launched to support the underprivileged in our communities who have lost their daily livelihood since the country went on lockdown on March 25. We speed-launched a COVID-19 Hotline which targets 600,000+ plumbers, mechanics and shop-boys in our database. The hotline connects them with financial aid and health services. We’ve asked our channel partners to spread the word about this hotline. The more people know about it, the farther is our outreach as helping hands.

I’d like to make special mention of our effort in supporting our country’s ‘Corona Warriors’ on the frontlines of this battle. As part of our corporate responsibility initiative, we have speed-modified several factory lines to manufacture hand sanitizers and face shields. Distribution of these safety kits to government-approved treatment centres, police and municipal staff has already started with deep goodwill and appreciation from our municipal government and the local police. The latter have helped us distribute food kits at plant neighbourhoods around the country.

In times like these, nobody can do everything but everybody can do something.
And much like the initiatives our sites have been involved in around the world, we are trying to bring a little light to an otherwise challenging situation. So even though we can’t come together in the way we would want to, we will overcome this together.

Stay safe, everyone.

By Deepak Mehrotra
Marketing Director, Ashirvad India