Drain Water Heat Recovery Unit
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With energy prices on the rise, sustainable heating solutions for households are vital to helping reduce energy costs. Aliaxis’s latest product development, the Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) unit, is a solution made to reduce household energy consumption.


Aliaxis drain water heat recovery unit preheats cold water towards the mixer tap, using a type of radiator, which captures heat from the warm drain water that typically used to go directly to the sewage network. The device works without any additional energy through a passive system using gravitation. No long-term technical failures, no maintenance is necessary and no need to dismantle the unit if the shower piping needs to be cleaned.  The exchanger is made of double layer copper tubes guaranteeing an effective protection not to mix the drain water with the clean water.

Approximately, 50% of the energy used in the individual houses is consumed to heat water used in the bathroom.

“This system is beneficial both to environment and to the end-users as the households will pay back the investment in an average of seven years, thanks to a 20% reduction in hot water consumption,” says Benoît Fabre, who leads Aliaxis’s operations in France. “This investment is an easy solution to make savings in heating bills while taking an impactful action for climate .”

Aliaxis is the first manufacturer to offer this heat recovery unit at an industrial scale in Europe. The product is currently available in France. The heat recovery unit will be extended to Spain and United Kingdom in the near future.