Aliaxis believes in a better world… and it considers access to water and sanitation as core building blocks for this. Bringing both core business and corporate responsibility together on a practical level can yield very tangible results. Several countries worked together with the Brussels-based SELAVIP Foundation to support a number of projects in Latin America and India, in order to connect local communities with clean water.

Volunteering for clean water in Guatemala

Aliaxis subsidiary Durman joined forces with non-profit organisation SELAVIP and NGO Habitat for Humanity in the aftermath of an eruption of the Volcán de Fuego (located about 16 kilometres west of Antigua) in Guatemala. As a result of that eruption, about 200 people lost their homes and belongings.

Strong bond

75 Aliaxis volunteers gave their time, hands and hearts to this community and have been helping the 42 affected families to build their new homes. Doing this work together with the members of the local community has formed a strong bond between the Aliaxis employees and their neighbours.


As a result of all this hard work, the families today enjoy a good distribution of water through a well-planned network within their home. Furthermore, all the homes and the sector where they are located within the urban zone have been connected to a central drainage collector and a general conduit pipe that allow water supply and drainage service.

All of the programme’s participants were very proud to have positively impacted the lives of those families that now live in new, safe and more comfortable homes.

Providing piping systems in Chile

In a similar way to the project in Guatemala, our Chilean business Vinilit has been helping a local community by connecting their remote village to fresh and clean water. By doing so, the teams have contributed to a significant improvement in the inhabitants’ quality of life.

About SELAVIP Foundation

SELAVIP Foundation was founded in 1978. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, it has an operational unit in Santiago, Chile. The Foundation promotes and funds initiatives to address the most urgent habitat needs of low-income families living in Latin American, African and Asian cities. It aims to support the less privileged in securing ownership of a patch of land and basic housing so that they can embrace their future with dignity from a stable home.

On the ground, SELAVIP supports the construction of new basic, incremental or emergency housing, as well as the renovation or repair of poor dwellings with funding, technical assistance and training materials. To that end, the Foundation engages in strategic alliances – partnering also with Aliaxis, one of the organisation’s loyal sponsors. Aliaxis considers providing access to water and sanitation systems to be a prerequisite for decent living conditions.