Visitors invited to discover the latest in advanced plastic piping systems

Frankfurt, March 11 2019 – Aliaxis is taking the opportunity of the world’s leading water and energy in buildings trade fair ISH to showcase five key application areas: Residential New, Residential Renovation & Maintenance, Hospitality, Offices and Commercial, and Healthcare.

Each will be featured separately on the Aliaxis stand, F94 in Hall 4, where visitors are promised a unique discovery experience, witnessing some of the broadest portfolios of solutions for different applications.

Solutions for new residential homes
Aliaxis is as proud of the fluid management solutions provided for individual new build homes as those supplied to some of the most prestigious buildings in the world. Aliaxis offers the same exceptional quality, efficiency, reliability and attention to detail that has made the company a world leader in fluid management systems.

At ISH 2019, Aliaxis is emphasising the support provided to MEP consultants that helps them to design and select the right package for each project as well as the solutions for home builders and craftsmen that can be quickly implemented on site, that are always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and creativity, and which are supported by technical advice and training.

For residential renovation and maintenance
For residential renovation and maintenance, Aliaxis provides a one-stop solution for plumbing and sanitary systems that can be easily adapted, that are easy to install, and which save both time and space.

The company has teams of technical experts to provide assistance during the project design phase or on site, using the latest BIM technology, and specially developed training courses to supplement customers’ expertise.

Hospitality: Guaranteeing a good night’s sleep
Years of experience and research into providing the finest services and products to the hospitality industry have given Aliaxis informed insights into the key issues that hotel operators, owners, and MEP consultants face. As a result, the company’s brand portfolio is tailored to offer solution-driven results.

Behind the scenes of busy hotels, Aliaxis ensures that plumbing and sewerage systems function faultlessly. More visible are the bathrooms Aliaxis provides, designed to be an oasis of comfort where form and functionality meet aesthetic sophistication. For hotel operators and owners, this must be cost-effective but also enticing and aspirational enough to ensure that guests return.

Meeting critical needs in the office, commercial and logistics sector
Innovative products and services for offices, commercial buildings, logistics centres and industrial sites requires solutions capable of handling the very large quantities of rain and wastewater from sometimes huge facilities.

Siphonic roof drainage is an example for which Aliaxis provides sophisticated solutions based on tried and tested principles, but engineered and scientifically developed to ensure flawless and almost maintenance-free reliability.

Essential fluid management services for state-of-the-art hospitals
Aliaxis has built its reputation in the healthcare sector by providing solutions to some of the best and most sophisticated medical establishments in the world. Today’s state-of-the-art hospitals need maintenance-free systems that can operate flawlessly, 24/7. The use of high quality, durable products is therefore critical.

At the same time, hospital design is increasingly focused on improving the aesthetics and peacefulness that is known to have a positive effect on patient wellbeing. Achieving seamless and elegant design that is silent and maximises space, has become a hallmark of Aliaxis.

By Lars Vervoort
Group Coorporate Communications Manager