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As part of our Growth with Purpose strategy, Aliaxis has defined ambitious targets for carbon reduction in our manufacturing plants as well as increasing the share of recycled raw material in our products. You can find more information about our sustainability commitments in our Annual Report 2021.

New generation bio-attributed PVC

Our businesses around the world are working hard to deliver on our targets. One clear example is the carbon footprint reduction Aliaxis France is driving with the integration of bio-attributed PVC into its product offering. The French team has been a frontrunner within Aliaxis’ circular economy program, as they’ve been an early adopter of recycled plastic for several years.

The new generation bio-attributed PVC is made from salt and either the residue of bio-sourced ethylene issued from the paper pulp manufacturing process or the residue of leftover cooking oil extract such as frying oil. Its production generates 90% fewer CO2 emissions than the production of PVC from fossil origin. Without compromising on quality or performance, low-carbon PVC resins meet the same strict performance and quality criteria as conventional PVC resins.

“Thanks to the integration of the new bio-attributed resin, we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions up to 60% compared to a production with a standard resin in the targeted product range, says Benoît Fabre, who leads Aliaxis’ operations in France. “This new bio-attributed resin is a logical next step to further concretize our sustainability development commitments. As a market leader, we are setting the pace towards innovative, sustainable solutions.”

First application – Silent wastewater disposal system

The first choice for the integration of this new bio-attributed resin was Nicoll HomeTech®, a silent wastewater disposal system which already incorporates 20% external recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Thanks to this innovation, Nicoll Hometech® will become the first silent evacuation system made with 100% low-carbon PVC.