Oh Ukraine …. my dear, my darling!!!

You are our pride, our peace and quiet!

Oh, what’s happened – I don’t understand!!!

Suddenly tanks are coming, there are rumbles and shoots …..

And People….Oh My God….What is happening????

There are our husbands and sons!!!!

Children are dying and mothers are crying!!!

Oh God….I pray to You – Please rescue us!

What can we do, where should we run and who will help????

We scream all over the world: “Please help us!”

And She responded …. Our Sister Poland!!!!

Oh, our Dear …. We are so much grateful to You!!!!!

For your shelter, comfort, love, care….

For your worry about us, bother, patience….

For your wisdom and huge heart……

For everything you did and do – We thank You!

Your people have done the impossible!!!!!

Oh, God ….. And this is not the limit!!!!

We’ll remember everything…. We’ll never forget!!!!

Our hearts keep warm of your hearts!

You are our Mom, Dad, and Sister…….

Dear brother, uncle …… and loving husband …..

You are our beloved and dear child!!!!!

We bow in front of You!

Oh, People….You are beautiful creatures!!!!!!

The Lord made you to create miracles!!!!!!

You could love, forgive and appreciate!!!!!!!

Go to Poland….They will teach you!!!!!