we make life flow

shaping a better tomorrow
by connecting people
with water and energy

Because all life depends on water and energy, our mission at Aliaxis is to provide solutions that help make clean water, sanitation and energy accessible to communities across the globe.

What we offer

We intervene at many stages in the transport of water and energy, from its source to delivery to the end user. We develop a variety of high-quality piping solutions for use in building, infrastructure, industrial and agricultural applications across the globe.

Our offering

We are Aliaxis

Our roots are as a community-focused family business. We grew by joining with like-minded local businesses to create a global company that delivers the best products and solutions, wherever they are needed. Our people work across markets and geographies with enthusiasm, agility and integrity to anticipate customer needs. By bringing together the best people and encouraging them to follow their passion, we are a global leader in plastic piping, fittings, and other distribution solutions.

About Aliaxis

Global supplier

With a global workforce of over 14,000 employees, Aliaxis offers specific solutions that meet our customers’ most demanding needs across the globe. We are operating in over 40 countries, combining local solutions with global innovation and operational excellence.

Working at Aliaxis

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As a world-leading manufacturer of advanced piping systems, we combine the strength of a global group with the diversity and passion of our local teams. We bring together engaged people with the right experience, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to develop effective, innovative and sustainable solutions that make life flow.

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